Marjorie Offers Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring is a time of renewal.  It is a time when all the dormant ideas and desires planted in the winter now ‘spring’ to life. 

Like anything, a room must be prepared for the new ideas and desires to be ‘planted’ and nurtured.  Spring is the perfect time to make that room by releasing those old clothes you haven’t worn in over 24 months, the chairs piled high with boxes that serve another purpose other than why they were built.  

blue front doorSpring is a time to open all your doors and windows to allow the fresh, new, rejuvenating spring air into your home.  But none of this can be accomplished if you hold on to ‘old’ ideas with the thought that ‘one day I will do something with that item’. 

Because you won’t. 

If you haven’t worn the shirt hanging in your closet for over 24 months it isn’t likely you are going to ever again.  All the items we have in our home, car, garage, office and yard represent something beyond the obvious.  For example, an old dress, hanging in your closet, now two sizes too small just isn’t an old dress, it also can represent your need to hang onto old ideas and desires.  However, releasing the dress can represent your intention to bring new ideas and desires into your life.  By releasing the dress you have now made room for that to occur. 

A word of caution to all you over doers out there….spring cleaning can be a massive move of energy.  I recommend you strategize and move as slowly as you can. 

For example, pick a room to focus on and when finished take a break for a couple of days before starting your next project.  Approach spring cleaning much like you would getting ready to paint a wall.  First you have to prepare the wall; dust off the cob webs, fill in the nail holes, tape around the door and window frames etc.  All this has to be done before you paint on the new color.  Spring cleaning should be approached much the same way.  Take your time and think about what you are clearing or preparing to change in your life.   What are you letting go?  Don’t be afraid to reflect on how you felt when you finally released something you had been holding onto.  Must people say they feel a sense of relief, a weight has been lifted and in many cases a sense of more clarity in their thoughts.  Here are a few guidelines I can offer for spring cleaning:
1.  Go slowly – do one room or project at a time
2.  If you begin to feel tired or overwhelmed – STOP – take a break.  Go out to lunch, enjoy sitting outside amongst the trees, take a nap or simply give yourself permission to take a couple of days off. 
3.  Stay focused on what it is you want to accomplish.  What are you releasing and why are you releasing it?  Keep your new ideas and desires in mind as you make room for them.
Also, spring cleaning is not a legal requirement so don’t treat it like it is.  You can choose how, when, what and the timing you desire when approaching your spring cleaning task.  Take time to consider why you have chosen to spring clean and what you have chosen to release, replace or repair.  Spring cleaning is a wonderful time to take charge of your new ideas and desires and actively participate in making them grow.  Remember, you can’t plant a new garden if you don’t remove the old plants and weeds first.

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Feng Shui is an ancient art, originating in China over 3000 years ago, based on the balance of nature and how we individually attempt to create that same balance within our own lives.  Everything we surround ourselves with physically, such as the clothing we choose to wear, the furniture design and placement in our homes and offices, the colors, pictures,  knick knacks etc. all represent what is within ourselves. 

About Marjorie Hilliard:

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Why The World’s Biggest Banks are “Feng Shui-ing”

Banks and businesses all over the world have embraced Feng Shui.

Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo, have all integrated the core principles of Feng Shui into urban planning. And so it goes that the cities naturally become more attractive to urban dwellers and investors. The latter being key to economic growth.

In my classes, Basic and Advanced, I cover some of this. In the Advanced Course I teach how to use Feng Shui in large businesses, corporate office design etc.  The principals of Feng Shui are the same no matter what school you study.  

So who else is bridging this gap between ancient principals and modern digital customer experience design? Enter Boz Zou, Head of User Experience at HeathWallace (pictured above), a JWT-owned global digital design powerhouse. He is the person behind applying ancient wisdom to create better digital customer experiences.

“The goal of Experience Design is to bring a sense of harmony to the interactions of brands with their target market. I incorporate the principals of Feng Shui to make design usable and delightful for those who are consuming products, as well as those people who are in the business of marketing and selling those products,” explains Zou.

His expertise in the nine core principles of Feng Shui has placed him on some fascinating projects for large financial institutions like Citibank, Manulife and HSBC, to name a few.

What are they doing?

– Design for an integrated and holistic system.
“When designing digital experiences, physical and various digital channels need to work coherently to provide a holistic consistent brand experience. User experience is cumulative across all channels and touch-points, as opposed to working in isolation.”

– Design for responsiveness and consider the limitations of the surroundings.
– Design for sustainability.
– Design for symmetry.

My Advanced class is just now completing a consultation for Walmart.  It wasn’t an official consultation but I do intend to send the findings and recommendations to the local store evaluated and possibly to corporate.  Years ago, I consulted with a corporate interior design specialist for the SE YMCA corporate building design.  

To reflect the lifestyle and taste of their premium customer base, its brand experience design has become crucial in order to engage with the target market. By switching from purely transactional to design that uses lifestyle and emotional human conversations, they have extended customer relations with the bank.

When the flow of energy is considered great results can happen. Whether it is customer relations, an increase in customer base or employee productivity, properly applied Feng Shui principals can help create the end results desired.

Why we can’t easily remember past life experiences

Have you ever questioned why memories of past lives are difficult to retrieve? I know I certainly have.  While past life regression is a wonderful tool, to access your past life memories, it still does not answer the question why we don’t easily remember.   Throughout my Spiritual growth I have heard a variety of ideas as to why we do not have full memory of past life experiences.  Probably the most popular reason I have heard is that we would not have the Spiritual growth if we had these memories.  I have even repeated this thought to my students.  It seemed to be the most logical explanation.  But, admittedly this explanation never felt quite complete.  Who and how are my past life memories being blocked?  Who decides which memories are blocked or taken away?  Wouldn’t it make more sense for me to remember important aspects of previous life experiences so I could make different decisions in this life time?  Why the game of ‘see if you can guess when you reach a similar point in your current life’?  Who decides if I made the ‘wrong’ decision and need to repeat an experience? These are only a sample of the many questions I have.

A few days ago, I was listening to some quiet music and out of the blue, I started to receive information about the lack of memory regarding past life experiences.  Let me see if I can share the wisdom my Angels provided on this topic as beautifully as they shared it with me.  Here is the quote from my Angels.

“It is difficult to understand or believe we are with you because your physical body, physical location has no memories from which to draw from.  You have been taught that you forget because your memory is blocked when you move into the physical.  This is not true.  You have difficulty remembering or understanding because you are so naturally greatly influenced by the presence of the human body which has no memories.  Awakening is the path to remembering because through awakening your Spirit, you, are less influenced by the human mind and experience your life with ‘some’ influence of your Spirit and all its’ memories and knowledge.”

The Angels tell me it is not true we lose our memories so we can grow and experience the current life.  They said nothing is ever taken away or blocked from any of us.  All our memories, experiences, wisdom stays with us from life to life.  In our purest form, referred to as Spirit, we retain all our memories of past life experiences.  So, if all our memories are intact within our Spirit then I go back to the question of why is it so difficult to remember?  Why would we want to start all over each life time and struggle with why we are here, or what are we trying to accomplish?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to ‘continue’ to grow and develop where we left off in the previous life?  Or maybe, with memory of experiences we allow ourselves to make different choices.  What I heard from my Angels is that our memories are not blocked by anyone but ourselves.  It is through the human filters, emotions, perceptions and beliefs we block our own  memories.  Maybe not intentionally but at least this explains a few things to me.  First of all, there is no one interfering with my growth and development by blocking my memories.  The choices I make are purely mine.  Second of all, by understanding my memories are fully intact, as a part of my Spirit, I can access them as I desire. Thirdly, with the clarity the Angels provided about memory it makes even more sense why we seek Awakening.

What does Awakening really mean to you?  To me, it means to awaken our Spirit, our Self, so that we CAN remember who we really are and the path we wish to continue to follow.  Awakening means to lessen the influence of the human emotions, perceptions and beliefs and allow our Spirit to better experience and perceive life.  By becoming more aware of our Spirit identity we have more access to our previous lives and can bring forth the knowledge and wisdom of these experiences into our current life.

I had never really thought about the human filters as the reason why my past life memories are blocked. When I think about it, I realize when I am in meditation I am freed from some of the human filters.  It is through meditation that my mind is quieted allowing my Spirit, my true Self, to become more prominent.  I used to think while in meditation my vibration raises which allowed me to better communicate with my Angels but even as I write these words I can hear my Angels chuckling as the realization dawns on me that I can always hear my Angels, chatting away, whether I am engaged in meditation or buying groceries.  So, it is not only in activities that quiet my busy mind, like meditation that I am able to access my Angels and my memories but I can actually accomplish this by Awakening my Spirit as well.

Looking back at previous lives shows me the choices I made and maybe even helps me better understand why I chose a particular existence.  But what it doesn’t do is define who I am now.  My body holds no memories.  I hold my own memories.  My various physical bodies allowed me to have the experiences I chose while I continued to be the same energy, the same Spirit, regardless of which body I chose to continue my journey.

The Angels say each life has its own significance, some more influential than others.  As they try to explain the complexity of our Spirit, the energy we are composed of, I find it difficult to comprehend the meaning or even the purpose of the various life experiences.  As energy, why take a physical existence at all?  There is so much I don’t understand.  The Angels assure me to fully understand our existence and the complexity of our reality there is much that still needs to be experienced.  To attempt to explain it at this stage of our existence would be akin to trying to explain quantum physics to a 2 year old.  I suppose another way of saying that is we don’t have enough knowledge and understanding to comprehend ALL there is to know.

So, with this little bit of clarity I hope you are able to continue your journey with a better understanding of how much the  filters of your human existence influences your perspective.  Look for those moments of peace and cherish the quiet times for this is when you are able to discover and truly remember who you are.  Everything you have ever experienced, learned and the wisdom you gained is right there inside you.  Its’ time to awaken your self, your Spirit.  Access your memories by accessing your Spirit and see life through a whole different perspective.



New Healing Needs for the 5th Dimensional Being

         As we move closer and more completely into the 5th Dimension our healing needs take a somewhat different direction.  The physical body, although important as our mode of transportation while on the Earth plane, will start to take the proverbial ‘back seat’ to the emergence and nurturing of our inherent Spiritual abilities and the desire to remove ‘road’ blocks.

As we continue to move into the 5th Dimension vibration latent abilities will start to emerge. You will experience your intuitive skills becoming stronger and clearer.  Your natural clairvoyant, clairaudient or sentient skills will be more apparent and the haze of the 3rd and 4th Dimensional vibrations will begin to lift.

As your abilities emerge or strengthen so does your drive for greater Spiritual awareness.  5th Dimensional Healing© is designed for the 5th Dimensional Being.  It utilizes the natural abilities within the 5th Dimensional Being to remove blocks and to heal it self.

Lets look at the difference between the 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensional Being.

The 3rd Dimensional Being went through 4 steps in order to manifest its intentions:  1980’s concepts

Idea → Intention→ Emotion → Effort → Manifestation

The 4th Dimensional Being had to use 3 steps in order to manifest its intentions:  Law of Attraction concepts

Idea→ Intention → Emotion → Manifestation

The 5th Dimensional Being only needs 2 steps in order to manifest its intentions: Current concepts

Idea→ Intention→ Manifestation

It is by utilizing the power of the 5th Dimensional Beings’ ability to manifest that 5th Dimensional Healing© is so unique and successful.

As you go through life’s experiences, regardless of what dimension you are in, wounds can be created that may surface and create ‘road blocks’ to your progress. These ‘road blocks’ are better known as Imprints, Energetic Cords, Loss of Soul Fragments and Attachments.

Throughout your life you have experiences that can potentially leave an Imprint.  This Imprint may stay dormant for years and suddenly become activated.  An activated Imprint can express as anxiety, phobias, fears, depression and a host of other emotional challenges all of which create obstacles you must maneuver around in order to continue on your path for greater Spiritual awareness.

Energetic Cords are another type of ‘road block’.  They are an energetic link between you and usually another individual. Although sometimes the cord can be attached to an event or situation. The link can then serve as an anchor or as a pathway for loss of energy leaving you feeling drained, confused or experience difficulty focusing.

Sometimes, when working with an individual I discover the reason for their confusion, fear or lack of clarity is actually related to the loss of a Soul Fragment.  When you experience a traumatic event it is possible that a small part of ‘you’, known as a Soul Fragment, stays attached to the event.  This can happen at birth, childhood or in your adult years.  Utilizing the concepts of 5th Dimensional Healing©, the Soul Fragment is located and rejoined with the rest of the soul.  This is a very important concept to understand because if you are not ‘whole’ it is difficult to utilize all of your skills and abilities to their fullest.  You can see examples of this concept in individuals who feel like they are ‘stuck’ or have the feeling something is missing or just ‘not right’.

Unlike Energetic Cords where an attachment is created between two individuals, an Attachment is the actual joining of one energy to another. Some examples of Attachments would be Deceased Loved Ones, Thought Bodies, Elementals or Nature Spirits.  I prefer to use the term ‘influencer” rather than attachment when talking with my clients.  The term Attachment is frequently thought of as a possession.  This is not at all what I am talking about.  It is possible for an individual to have something within their energy field that ‘influences’ some of their thoughts and behaviors. Examples of this would be unusual feelings of anger, depression, feelings of fear or dread with no known cause and quite commonly a complaint of having difficulty making decisions.

Any one or combination of these four aspects can impact your ability to smoothly follow your path toward greater Spiritual awareness.  With all the chaos in the world, it is more important to stay focused and present than ever before.  By removing any Imprints, Cutting Cords, retrieving Soul Fragments or eliminating ‘influencers’ you  release blocks and free yourself to fulfill your Spiritual path with more clarity, ease and joy.

5th Dimensional Healing

5th Dimensional Healing©

by Marjorie Hilliard, 5th Dimensional Healing© Practitioner

As we move closer and more completely into the 5th Dimension our healing needs take a somewhat different direction.

The physical body, although important as our mode of transportation while on the Earth plane, will start to take the proverbial ‘back seat’ to the emergence and nurturing of our inherent Spiritual abilities.

As we continue to move into the 5th Dimension vibration latent abilities will start to emerge. You will experience your intuitive skills becoming stronger and clearer.  Your natural clairvoyant, clairaudient or sentient skills will be more apparent and the haze of the 3rd and 4th Dimensional vibrations will begin to lift.

As your abilities emerge or strengthen so does your drive for greater Spiritual awareness. This is were 5th Dimensional Healing can be a wonderful asset.

5th Dimensional Healing focuses primarily on the Emotional Body as it is the Emotional Body that works with the Spiritual Body to achieve Awakening leading to full Enlightenment. The Emotional Body can develop road blocks, that impede your desired progression toward Spiritual Enlightenment, due to old wounds or attachments created while in the lower vibrations of the 3rd and 4th Dimensions.  These ‘road blocks’s are better known as Imprints, Energetic Cords, Loss of Soul Fragments and Attachments.

Throughout your life you have experiences that can potentially leave an Imprint on your Emotional Body.  An Imprint can be expressed as anxiety, phobias, fears, depression and a host of other emotional expressions all of which create obstacles you must maneuver around in order to continue on your path to Spiritual Enlightenment.

Energetic Cords are just that.  They are an energetic link between you and usually another individual. Sometimes the cord can be attached to an event.  The link can then serve as an anchor or as a path way for loss of energy leaving you feeling drained, confused or experience difficulty focusing.

The third aspect of 5th Dimensional Healing pertains to Soul Retrieval.  Sometimes, when working with an individual I discover the reason for their confusion, fear, lack of clarity or a host of other issues is actually related to the loss of a Soul Fragment.  When you experience a traumatic event it is possible that a small part of ‘you’, known as a Soul Fragment, stays attached to the event.  This can happen at birth, childhood or in your adult years.  In 5th Dimensional Healing, the Soul Fragment is located and rejoined with the rest of the soul that moved on.  This is a very important concept to understand because if you are not ‘whole’ it is difficult to utilize all of your skills and abilities to their fullest.  You can see examples of this concept in individuals who feel like they are ‘stuck’ or have the feeling something is missing or just ‘not right’..

The forth aspect of 5th Dimensional Healing deals with Attachment Removal.  Unlike Energetic Cords where an attachment is created between two individuals, an Attachment is the actual joining of one energy to another. Some examples of Attachments would be Deceased Loved Ones, Thought Bodies, Elementals or Nature Spirits.  When an individual has an Attachment they usually ‘take on’ some trait of the attachment.  Examples of this would be unusual feelings of anger, depression that has no known origin, feelings of fear or dread with no known cause.

Any one or combination of these four aspects can impact your ability to smoothly follow your path toward Spiritual Enlightenment.  With all the chaos in the world, it is more important to stay focused and present than ever before.  By removing any Imprints, Cutting Cords, having Soul Retrieval or Attachment removal you help release your Emotional Body of blocks and free yourself to enjoy your Spiritual path with more joy, ease and clarity.

Do you know the way ‘home’?

by Marjorie Hilliard

In the article, It’s About Time, I posted on June 7, 2013 I spoke about the illusion of time and how it influences our perceptions thereby affecting our emotions and actions.  

Time ⥤ Creates Illusion of Space ⥤ Translates to Distance ⥤ Implies Separation

I told about the experiences I had as a result of both my parents dying seven years ago and the sadness which turned into loneliness and finally into a longing to return ‘home’.  The concept of ‘home’ can be quite confusing. I am not speaking of the home we occupy on the Earth plane but the home that resides within each and everyone of us; our true energetic vibration, our existence as Spirit.  Some refer to this as the Soul, or Higher Self.  Call it what you like but, regardless of the title you choose to assign to your energetic vibration, the definition does not change.  You are not the physical body.  You are the intelligence housed within the physical body.  You are the intelligence that thinks and speaks.  You are the intelligence that is an energetic component of the Universe.  The physical body is nothing without your presence.  Do you know the way home is simply another way of asking ‘do you know how to experience life through the wisdom of your Spirit?’  I wrote extensively about this concept in my book, published in 2006 titled, Energy Enlightenment – Do you know the way home?  Gary Renard, a best selling author had this to say about my book:  “Marjorie Hilliard does a fantastic job of examining negative thoughts and the ego-consciousness and then using approaches such as talking to your Angels and Meditation to help facilitate the undoing of the false you and revealing the real you, which is Spirit.  I highly recommend this enlightening book.”  So, do you know your way ‘home’?

It is my Spirit that experiences the longing to return ‘home’.  For to return ‘home’ means to find that inner joy, the clarity and peace that only my Spirit offers.  To return ‘home’ refers to gaining the memory of my true identify.  It refers to living through the thoughts and perceptions of my Spirit rather than my human mind or as I refer to it in my book, the ego-consciousness.  The ego-consciousness is weak compared to the strength and wisdom of my true self, my Spirit presence.  It can easily fall prey to the external influences it comes in contact with.  The ego-consciousness has no memories of it’s own. There is nothing from which it can draw support.  The ego-consciousness draws its perceptions and reactions based on my emotions and current life experiences.  Finding your way ‘home’ involves your Spirit being the primary driver of your perceptions and actions.

Even as I sit here and share these thoughts with you, the reader, I gain a better understanding that as a Lightworker I represent the connection between my physical existence and that of the Spiritual (Energetic) true self.  I am therefore influencing my very existence on many realities.  What I experience in this dimension is also experienced in the others that I exist in and visa versa.  It can only be this way because there is actually nothing that separates any parts of me from me.

This brings me back to the earlier statement I made about time.  Time creates the illusion of space which then translates to distance which implies separation from Spirit which is my center.  I now realize the desire to return ‘home’ is more about finding my center.  The point to which all returns.  The Angels tell me we pulsate in and out.  It is very much like breathing in and out.  They say it is when we are pulsating ‘out’ that we can feel the illusion of separation the most if we hold the belief of the existence of time.  

As my energy pulses out and back in again many ‘years’ of earth existence can pass.  Time becomes less of an influence as I once again pulse back to center reducing the sense of distance and space between me and my source (center).  It is like breathing in and out.  Breathing in allows me to take in that which surrounds me making me feel whole and complete.  While breathing out sends my existence and awareness out into what I am a part of, touching other existences, other influences, other realities and for a moment ‘in time’ I become more tightly aware of these existences and forget who I am as I take on the realities of multiple others.  

We are all sentient.  Some more than others.  When teaching students how to deal with being sentient I always remind them to ask one simple and profound question when working  with a client and taking on their energy:  Is this my energy or theirs?  Most of the time there is an instant realization that the energy was never really theirs but the perception of the energy within another.  This realization removes the influence of the external energy immediately.  Maybe this question should be asked of our daily human existence.  “Is this emotional experience truly mine or one that I am experiencing from the energies around me”  Maybe balance can be restored once I awaken to what is truly mine and what is not.  By gaining this understanding maybe it would be possible to expand out further and touch more and offer my own influences to other existences.  It occurs to me that my very existence in this human body can be better explained and understood with the realization and awakening that my role is to influence rather than be influenced.  As I pulsate out further and further I am extending my core not moving away from it.  The further I pulsate out the stronger I become as I pave the way with my own energy, terminating any energies that are weakening and becoming lower vibrations.  It becomes clear now that by stepping outside the illusion of time I can offer the gift of awakening.  I can resist the illusion time creates of separation and share the gift of joy experienced when one is complete.  It is in the awareness that separation does not and can not exist that feelings of loneliness, sadness, fear, rejection etc. can cease to exist and be replaced with the ability to experience true joy.  It is what allows me to return ‘home’.



Gary Renard is the author of Disappearance of the Universe, Your Immortal Reality and Love Has Forgotten No One – The Answer to Life


It’s About Time

by Marjorie Hilliard

I am a Lightworker.  A Being that functions as a Spiritual ambassador offering aide where it is needed.  So I find myself wondering why I came to Earth and why I am still here. On occasion, I have experienced a temporary clarity regarding my stay here.  But working in this particular dimension has always proven to be most difficult.  The slower, chaotic vibration makes it problematic for even the strongest of the Lightworkers to function within their normal state of clarity and abilities.  During a rare moment of clarity in my pre-awakened state I remembered the first goal for any Lightworker is that of awakening.  Until the Lightworker can awaken to their true identity little can be accomplished, if anything at all.  Even a Lightworker can be in a state of limbo until they awaken. 


Another problem I have with the current vibrational dimension of Earth is, because of the slower, chaotic energies, the illusion of linear time is prevalent.  The experience of time creates an awareness of space which then translates into distance and separation.  Through this feeling of separation I began to feel alone and at some point this loneliness became a longing.  This is where the confusion began for me.  I could not understand what I was longing. 


Here is an example of how time creates a sense of distance and separation.  Both my parents died seven years ago.  For the first few years (time) there was a sadness in their absence.  But then, as time moved on I didn’t feel the sadness nearly as much as I felt the loneliness. The loneliness eventually turned into a longing.  It is rather odd, because my longing did not center around the desire for them to return to me but rather for me to return to them.  Don’t misunderstand me, I was not depressed or wishing in any way to leave this earthly existence.  No, it was more a memory surfacing within me.  A reminder that I belonged to something larger which I felt separated from.  The illusion of time created the feeling of distance and separation.   


Time  ⥤ Space ⥤ Distance ⥤ Separation ⥤ Loneliness (alone)


I know that I am in this existence because there is something I can offer.  My own unique skill.  Nothing grandiose but never the less equally as important as the missions each of us Lightworkers strive to complete.  


As I sit here writing this article I am listening to a song called Home.  The singer sings the words about being surrounded by a million people but still feels alone.  He is feeling separate from what he believes to be his source of happiness because of the distance (space) accented by the passing of time.  He would not have felt the resulting loneliness if only a ‘short’ amount of time passed.  What if no time had passed?  What if the illusion of linear time didn’t exist?  I believe he would not have felt any separation from his source at all.


As I listen to the song Home, memories begin to flow.  I start to realize why I am on  this Earth plane and remember there is still much to do.  The Angels remind me to avoid using the linear time we exist in as a measurement of my progress.  Time does not exist.  It is simply an illusion of this vibrational dimension.  My goal as a Lightworker is to impact the vibrations of this dimension.  To influence the energy by sharing my own energy.  My goal is to exist within the confines of the illusion of time and resist the false belief that there is space resulting in distance that separates me from my source.  I am not alone nor could I ever be.  To be alone is to not exist at all.  


Time ⥤ Creates illusion of Space ⥤ Translates to Distance ⥤ Implies Separation


The Angels share this information in hopes that clarity can be realized regarding the purpose of the Lightworker taking on a human existence.  If we did not, then we would not be able to influence on the physical plane and our ability to impact anything in this existence becomes a more difficult endeavor.  


When the illusion of time ceases to influence, the illusion of separation does not exist. 





Feng Shui – How and Why it Works


Written by Marjorie Hilliard

Power Feng Shui Master Practitioner

feng shui dragon pic

Feng Shui originated in China and has been utilized for over 3000 years.   In the western culture we so often associate Feng Shui with its’ cures and remedies for promoting better health, relationships, finances etc.  In its’ simplicity, the principles of Feng Shui have also been relied on for years to determine orientation of furniture in a room or to decide the proper location for a business or home.  Exactly how Feng Shui works remains a mystery for most individuals.  In this article, I will explain how and why the principles of Feng Shui do work.   This will be accomplished by discussing the five elements associated with Feng Shui, the Bagua, use of the Bagua, Ch’i and a case study.


The principles are rooted in five elements and how they interact with each other.  It is the goal of a Feng Shui Practitioner to recognized what elements are present, how they affect each other and what is required to bring balance and harmony where indicated.  The five elements are:

  • fire
  • water
  • wood
  • earth and
  • metal.


Here is an example of what I mean by “how they affect each other”.  Picture a beautiful forest where the sun is shining and a small stream is gently flowing.  The trees represent the wood element, the dirt of course is earth, the sun represents the fire element while the stream is obviously the water element and the stones in the stream represent the metal element.  Everything is in balance.  Consider how a storm can change the balance.  A lightning bolt ignites a fire in the trees and chaos ensues.  What if there is a heavy rain and the stream becomes a ragging rapid eroding the earth away, thereby stripping the trees of their support causing them to collapse. This same chaos can be represented in our everyday lives.   Feng Shui can eliminate chaos by re-establishing balance between the five elements.   In Feng Shui, it is understood that each of these five elements are represented in your home or work place by various shapes, colors and objects.  For example:  the element fire can be represented by an actual fire but it can also be represented by pictures or statues of people or animals, candles, feathers, leather the color red or a pyramid shape.    The water element can be represented by mirrors, wavy lines, the colors blue or black.  These are only a few examples of the many ways each element is represented.


The next step to understanding Feng Shui is to explore the Bagua.  The Bagua is a map of sorts.  It is a square divided evenly into 9 smaller squares.  Each of the smaller squares is assigned one of nine major areas.  These areas are:

  • career
  • creativity
  • family
  • self-improvement
  • travel and support
  • health
  • popularity
  • love and
  • prosperity.


Each of the nine squares of the Bagua is associated with an element.  For example, the love square (also known as a gua) is associated with the earth element.  That does not mean the other elements are not found here rather that the earth element usually is the dominant element.  A common situation I have been called in to consult on results from individuals adding too much of the fire element to this area.  What usually happens in this case is the love relationships are volatile.  A little fire in this area can bring excitement, but too much can create an imbalance and result in chaos. There is always a fine balance that needs to be considered when combining the different elements to achieve the desired results.


Now lets’ talk about how the Bagua is actually used.  Think of the Bagua as a floor plan.  It can be used to map out land, buildings, homes, offices, communities, individual rooms etc.  It is always placed in the orientation of the main entrance, like the front door, the main entrance into a room or office, the top or bottom of a set of stairs etc.  Draw a floor plan of your home and then situate yourself at the true front door.  I say “true” because many of the homes I have been called in to consult on rarely if ever use the “true” front door.  Often the main entrance used is in the garage.  Never-the-less, the Bangua was designed to be oriented at the “true” front door or entrance into a home, office, room etc.  So, you are now standing at your “true” front door.  Lets’ find two of the most common areas of the Bangua individuals ask for assistance with which are the love relationship and prosperity areas. As you stand at the front door the far back right corner of the house is your love relationship area for the house and the far back left corner is your prosperity area.  This same principle can be applied to each and every room, your yard, your office space etc.


The last thing to discuss is the flow of Chi (energy).  To better understand what I mean by the flow of Chi visualize a wave of water flowing into your home.  Where would the water flow freely and where would it slam up against a barrier?  The placement of walls, furniture, windows, plants etc. all have an impact on just where and how the water (Chi) would flow.  If the water (Chi) moves too quickly it can erode an area making it unstable or possibly move so quickly you feel like you are in rapids.  Another situation may be the water is slamming up against a barrier.  Consider if the barrier happens to be you.  I see this situation quite often in offices where a desk is situated at the end of a long hallway.  When the office door is open the Chi rushes down the hallway and right in to the face or back of the individual sitting at their desk.  Imagine how you would feel if a huge wave constantly was pushing into you.  The flow of Chi is very important in determining how an individual feels in their environment.


Case Study:   I was asked to provide a consultation for a home that was L shaped with the right back corner of the Bagua literally outside.  The Master bedroom was located in the far, back, left corner of the house with a large garden tub in the back right corner of the bedroom itself.  In the bedroom there were pictures of stormy seas and empty beach chairs.  The far, right back corner of the house is the love relationship area.  When an area of the Bagua is missing, a challenge is normally represented.  To further support this finding I look to the Master bedroom.  Here I found a large garden tub (representing the water element) in the right back corner of the room.  Again, I was looking at the love relationship area, this time for the Master bedroom.  This area of the Bagua is associated with the earth element.   When there is an imbalance of too much water, the earth element can be eroded and represent instability.  The pictures of the stormy seas and empty beach chairs supported the suspicion of a difficult and unstable love relationship between my clients.  My findings were confirmed by the couple and recommendations were suggested designed especially for their needs.


I think Valmai Howe Elkins, Director of the Academy of Power Feng Shui™at Santa Fe said it best when she said “…our homes and workplaces contain valuable clues to our true inner selves, and to events and beliefs in our pasts which have prevented us from achieving our full potential.  The placement of rooms, the arrangement of furniture, the artwork, the clothes we wear, the colors we choose are a remarkably accurate reflection of the forces which shape our lives.”  Learning to recognize where the imbalances are enable each of us to create the balance necessary to achieve our full potential.




book cover for business cards

(excerpt from Energy Enlightenment – Do you know the way home?, page 83 )

I remember a dream I had in which I was being pursued by some rather nasty individuals.  As things got more intense I called out to God and felt this wonderful warm blanket of protection wrap around me.  I actually woke up feeling at peace, and in a contented state of mind.  In another dream, I was again being pursued, and everywhere I hid, the pursuers found me.  At the very end of the dream, I was exhausted and knew this was the end.  Just as I was facing my pursuers and wondering how in the world I would get out of this one, Jesus strolled into the picture, looked at me, smiled, and said “I am how”.  I literally woke up laughing because I realized I spent a lot of time running away when there was never really anything to run from.  I don’t know much about dream interpretation, but I would venture a guess that my pursuers in both dreams were my fears.

(page 82-83)

To move out of fear-based emotions, I find it helpful to stay consciously connected with God as much as possible.  This means I am in constant dialog while driving my car, eating dinner, watching a movie, and even while dreaming.  This doesn’t mean I am in constant prayer mode.  What I mean by this is that I stay aware of the presence of God in my life.  It is sort of like a ticker tape running in the background.  I stay aware of the presence of God whether I am taking a walk, shopping for groceries, talking with a friend, or performing any other daily activity.  As an example, it is the same type of awareness I have of my heart.  I may not constantly be thinking of my heart, yet I know it is inside me providing what my body needs.

(Chapter Five – Overcoming fear through Meditation, page 73 – 78)

Fear, I believe, is one of the major stumbling blocks stopping many us from exploring our spirituality. Fear of what others might think or say can weigh heavily on us. Fear of losing friends, not being accepted or fitting in are other types of fear that can prevent us from reaching our goal of becoming spiritually aware. Our over-active Ego Consciousness is terrific at instilling fear of not being good enough, smart enough or chaste enough. The list of judgments and fears can go on and on if we don’t stop it at some point.

Fear usually isn’t something we can explain away. I remember as a little girl, swimming was one of my favorite things to do. But now, as an adult, I am so afraid of the water I actually get nauseous when out on a boat. The idea of scuba diving is petrifying to me. I cannot even begin to understand why I have this fear. I know in my heart the fear is an illusion, but my Ego Consciousness makes it feel very real. Fear is an Ego Consciousness emotion. As I stated in Chapter Two, “I have come to realize my thoughts are what I am healing and Enlightening.”  Don Miguel  Ruiz has written a beautiful poem about waking from the “drama of fear,” and I’ve included it here.

Return to Life

I waken
And nothing is the same.
For the first time,
I open my eyes,
These eyes of mine
I long believed could see
And find that all I knew as true
Was nothing but a false dream.
Then, like a radiant star
The Angel of Death
The Angel of Life became
And transformed my dream
From a drama of fear
To a joyful comedy.
So surprised, I ask the Angel,
“Am I dead?”
She replies,
“Yes, for these many years,
Though your heart beat on,
Your mind slept in the grave of illusion
Unconscious of your divinity.
“Now, with heart beating
And body breathing,
Your mind has wakened from hell.
Renewed, your eyes
Admire the beauty awaiting you.
“Your divine awareness wakens
All the love in your being.
Hating and fearing forsaken,
Gone are the guilt and the blame.
Your soul forgives,
Your divinity lives.”
My eyes, in fascination,
Stare at the Angel.
Sensing the truth waking in me.
I surrender, willingly,
Without condition.
Humbly receiving
Death and life,
To hell, I release all claim
And with new eyes,
See my eternal love…leaving.

-Beyond Fear by Mary Carroll Nelson and Don Miguel Ruiz, 1997,  page x-xi

For most of this life I knowingly refused to explore my spirituality because of the fear inside me. It was important to move past my fear, whatever it was, and explore my spirituality, but it took me a while before I was successful in determining what this unknown fear was about. And without knowing what the fear was, I couldn’t move past it.

I discovered that my fear centered around my realization that my attitudes and beliefs about God and the Universe seemed so different from those of many people I knew. Most of what I felt inside didn’t come from the books I had read, the sermons I had listened to, or classes I had taken.  It came from within me.  This caused me to feel odd about myself, and out of place. I was afraid to explore any more for fear I would continue to find myself further and further away from the mainstream way of thinking.  My need to fit in, to flow with the tide of society rules and not rock the boat was very powerful.

I remember what happened when I was studying to become a Reiki Master; many times before my next class, I would connect with Jesus through meditation or dreams, and He would teach me the concepts of healing. Our meetings would frequently take place on top of a very high mountain ledge where He would show me the vastness of the Universe and explain our connection. Many times He would tell me what I would later hear in my next class. One day I asked my Reiki Master Teacher why she thought Jesus taught me before she did. Her response was because that is where I listen best. I didn’t completely understand her response then, but I think I do now. My beliefs and attitudes about God and the Universe were coming from deep within me. When I communicated with Jesus, I listened and remembered without the Ego Consciousness being a dominate factor. When I brought my awareness back to my Ego Consciousness it was just as Don Miguel Ruiz said:

I  awaken
And nothing is the same.
For the first time,
I open my eyes,
These eyes of mine
I long believed could see
And find that all I knew as true
Was nothing but a false dream.

Learning from Jesus while in my Higher Consciousness allowed me to later, hear my teacher with the same awareness.

The fact that I am writing this book, and sharing my experiences and insights with all of you, confirms that I did indeed make the decision to move forward and explore my spirituality. Yes, I did lose some friends along the way. And not every member of my family supports me in my journey. But I realize now that that’s OK. My journey is true for me and I will continue to live my life, connect with God, and offer the shining light I’ve discovered to anyone who wishes to awaken.

The Ego-Consciousness

(excerpt  from Energy Enlightenment – Do you know the way home, pages 51 – 58)

One afternoon I was working in my garden and all of a sudden these words started to pour into my head: 

What if Adam and Eve aren’t about the beginning of our existence?  What if Adam and Eve represent an alternate phase of existence, a time when the spiritual aspect was separate from the intellectual aspect of existence?  As divine beings who perfectly combined intellect and spirit, they lived in love, peace and perfect balance. In an effort to explore and experience mankind’s intellectual aspect, the being was separated into two—spiritual and intellectual. After experiencing life through the intellectual aspect, emotions such as fear and anger were realized. This resulted in an imbalanced and alone state of being. This imbalance and resulting negative emotions were uncomfortable and a desire to return to a loving, peaceful, perfect balanced aspect was felt.  So began our journey back home.

We attempted to regain the spiritual aspect by using our divine ability to manifest and we started to create material things which we thought would comfort us, help us to find our spiritual side. We thought the material things worked but found they were only illusions which could fade away as quickly as we manifested them so we manifested more and more always in an attempt to bring us back to love and happiness. After awhile we began to forget why we were creating material things and started to focus on gaining power through material gain.

What I learned from these words was that we made a conscious decision to live through our physical senses. I believe we simply have forgotten that we are also Divine, the essence of God, and it is now that part of us calling, asking to be a part of our lives again. It is the yearning we feel in the pit of our stomachs. We have surrendered to living and experiencing our lives through the physical body’s limited senses. I like to refer to the experience of living our lives through the limitations of our senses as the Ego Consciousness. When we are in our Ego Consciousness we are dependent on one or more of the five human senses to tell us what we are experiencing. This is very valuable in our growth and expansion but it becomes a huge danger if we fail to recognize our senses as tools and nothing more. When we are unaware, or when we simply allow our senses to dictate our experiences and perceptions, we are not able to see the truth. When we are unable to see the truth, a conflict occurs. This conflict results in judgments which lead to anger and fear. The anger and fear fuel our emotional senses and the circle is complete; the Ego Consciousness is no longer a tool but the dominate force within our lives. Don Miguel Ruiz has a wonderful passage in his book, The Voice of Knowledge (2004, pg.18-19), where he quotes his grandfather as saying, 

“You know, most people around the world believe that there is a great conflict in the universe, a conflict between good and evil.  Well, this is not true. It’s true that there is a conflict, but the conflict only exists in the human mind, not in the universe. It’s not true for the plants or the animals. It’s not true for the stars or the trees, or for the rest of nature. It’s only true for humans. And the conflict in the human mind is not really between good and evil. The real conflict in our mind is between the truth and what is not the truth, between the truth and lies. Good and evil are just the result of that conflict. The result of believing in the truth is goodness, love, happiness. When you live your life in truth, you feel good, and your life is wonderful. The result of believing in lies and defending those lies creates what you call evil; it creates fanaticism. Believing in lies creates all of the injustice, all of the violence and abuse, all of the suffering, not only in society but also in the individual. The universe is as simple as it is or it is not, but humans complicate everything.”

We have never really separated from God, it just feels that way when we choose to experience and perceive our lives through the Ego Consciousness. Our Higher Consciousness is still present within us. It just isn’t utilized as much as the Ego Consciousness. 

I have often been asked to explain how to know when you are thinking and experiencing life through the Ego Consciousness. The answer is simple, but truly living it is not. How can you tell whether you are living through your Ego Consciousness?  Ask yourself, “Is this how God would experience this?”  If you are having negative emotions and are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, scared, sad, or jealous, you are thinking and experiencing your life through Ego Consciousness. It is important to remember we are human and therefore will switch back and forth between the Ego Consciousness and Higher Consciousness. Just be aware and don’t beat yourself up or judge someone else if you see the Ego Consciousness taking the dominant role. 

There is a wonderful book written by Gary Renard called The Disappearance of the Universe that talks in great detail about life and death and where our true reality exists. Gary talks about our life and death as if it were a revolving door. As I read his book, I could picture myself sitting in a very comfortable, overstuffed chair with a large ottoman for my feet. In my lap is a big bowl of buttery popcorn and a huge plasma screen TV perched on the wall. The movie playing details the stories of my lives. I sit there watching each of my lives wondering when I am going to “get” that I never really separated from God. It is all an illusion. However, it is this current life where I throw up my hands and say, “Alright, I have had enough … show me the way home.”  It is a rather interesting perspective on the meaning of our lives and contains many clues to Energy Enlightenment. A quote from the book is:

“…you don’t have to change anybody’s mind and you don’t have to change your world. All you have to do is change your mind about the world…..”

-The Disappearance of the Universe written by Gary R. Renard, 2002, pg. 174

I think this is a really profound statement. It made me realize that if I stopped running around trying to change the world and simply focused just on me, the world WOULD change. I perceive the world as I experience it through my senses and not as it is through God. What if everybody took the personal responsibility to change only them self?  How incredible the shift would be. We strive to bring about peace and harmony yet haven’t realized it within ourselves. We expect others to give us what they do not own. It is not possible to give what you do not know you have. I cannot demand peace and happiness in others, but I can deliver it to myself. And by doing so I make a positive contribution to the world energy as a whole. My inner peace has to come BEFORE the outer peace can be achieved. An interesting paradigm shift. It is all about perspective, and I want to share God’s perspective. 

When I experience life through my five human senses, my Ego Consciousness, I see the world as limited. There is only so much money, food, power, happiness etc. to go around. I struggle for power and need others to see things the way I do for fear of being wrong. I found out that being controlled or controlling someone is nothing more than an illusion. As a Spiritual Being, I am the only one who can control what I think and how I feel. Once I completely understand this there will be no need to control anyone. I will become so at peace that the need to control anything in the world around me will become unnecessary………