Why The World’s Biggest Banks are “Feng Shui-ing”

Banks and businesses all over the world have embraced Feng Shui.

Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo, have all integrated the core principles of Feng Shui into urban planning. And so it goes that the cities naturally become more attractive to urban dwellers and investors. The latter being key to economic growth.

In my classes, Basic and Advanced, I cover some of this. In the Advanced Course I teach how to use Feng Shui in large businesses, corporate office design etc.  The principals of Feng Shui are the same no matter what school you study.  

So who else is bridging this gap between ancient principals and modern digital customer experience design? Enter Boz Zou, Head of User Experience at HeathWallace (pictured above), a JWT-owned global digital design powerhouse. He is the person behind applying ancient wisdom to create better digital customer experiences.

“The goal of Experience Design is to bring a sense of harmony to the interactions of brands with their target market. I incorporate the principals of Feng Shui to make design usable and delightful for those who are consuming products, as well as those people who are in the business of marketing and selling those products,” explains Zou.

His expertise in the nine core principles of Feng Shui has placed him on some fascinating projects for large financial institutions like Citibank, Manulife and HSBC, to name a few.

What are they doing?

– Design for an integrated and holistic system.
“When designing digital experiences, physical and various digital channels need to work coherently to provide a holistic consistent brand experience. User experience is cumulative across all channels and touch-points, as opposed to working in isolation.”

– Design for responsiveness and consider the limitations of the surroundings.
– Design for sustainability.
– Design for symmetry.

My Advanced class is just now completing a consultation for Walmart.  It wasn’t an official consultation but I do intend to send the findings and recommendations to the local store evaluated and possibly to corporate.  Years ago, I consulted with a corporate interior design specialist for the SE YMCA corporate building design.  

To reflect the lifestyle and taste of their premium customer base, its brand experience design has become crucial in order to engage with the target market. By switching from purely transactional to design that uses lifestyle and emotional human conversations, they have extended customer relations with the bank.

When the flow of energy is considered great results can happen. Whether it is customer relations, an increase in customer base or employee productivity, properly applied Feng Shui principals can help create the end results desired.