It’s About Time

by Marjorie Hilliard

I am a Lightworker.  A Being that functions as a Spiritual ambassador offering aide where it is needed.  So I find myself wondering why I came to Earth and why I am still here. On occasion, I have experienced a temporary clarity regarding my stay here.  But working in this particular dimension has always proven to be most difficult.  The slower, chaotic vibration makes it problematic for even the strongest of the Lightworkers to function within their normal state of clarity and abilities.  During a rare moment of clarity in my pre-awakened state I remembered the first goal for any Lightworker is that of awakening.  Until the Lightworker can awaken to their true identity little can be accomplished, if anything at all.  Even a Lightworker can be in a state of limbo until they awaken. 


Another problem I have with the current vibrational dimension of Earth is, because of the slower, chaotic energies, the illusion of linear time is prevalent.  The experience of time creates an awareness of space which then translates into distance and separation.  Through this feeling of separation I began to feel alone and at some point this loneliness became a longing.  This is where the confusion began for me.  I could not understand what I was longing. 


Here is an example of how time creates a sense of distance and separation.  Both my parents died seven years ago.  For the first few years (time) there was a sadness in their absence.  But then, as time moved on I didn’t feel the sadness nearly as much as I felt the loneliness. The loneliness eventually turned into a longing.  It is rather odd, because my longing did not center around the desire for them to return to me but rather for me to return to them.  Don’t misunderstand me, I was not depressed or wishing in any way to leave this earthly existence.  No, it was more a memory surfacing within me.  A reminder that I belonged to something larger which I felt separated from.  The illusion of time created the feeling of distance and separation.   


Time  ⥤ Space ⥤ Distance ⥤ Separation ⥤ Loneliness (alone)


I know that I am in this existence because there is something I can offer.  My own unique skill.  Nothing grandiose but never the less equally as important as the missions each of us Lightworkers strive to complete.  


As I sit here writing this article I am listening to a song called Home.  The singer sings the words about being surrounded by a million people but still feels alone.  He is feeling separate from what he believes to be his source of happiness because of the distance (space) accented by the passing of time.  He would not have felt the resulting loneliness if only a ‘short’ amount of time passed.  What if no time had passed?  What if the illusion of linear time didn’t exist?  I believe he would not have felt any separation from his source at all.


As I listen to the song Home, memories begin to flow.  I start to realize why I am on  this Earth plane and remember there is still much to do.  The Angels remind me to avoid using the linear time we exist in as a measurement of my progress.  Time does not exist.  It is simply an illusion of this vibrational dimension.  My goal as a Lightworker is to impact the vibrations of this dimension.  To influence the energy by sharing my own energy.  My goal is to exist within the confines of the illusion of time and resist the false belief that there is space resulting in distance that separates me from my source.  I am not alone nor could I ever be.  To be alone is to not exist at all.  


Time ⥤ Creates illusion of Space ⥤ Translates to Distance ⥤ Implies Separation


The Angels share this information in hopes that clarity can be realized regarding the purpose of the Lightworker taking on a human existence.  If we did not, then we would not be able to influence on the physical plane and our ability to impact anything in this existence becomes a more difficult endeavor.  


When the illusion of time ceases to influence, the illusion of separation does not exist.