Meet Marjorie

Marjorie started her spiritual journey almost 30 years.  After spending a year studying to become a Reiki Master/Teacher she founded Natural Healings.  Over the next several years Marjorie learned other holistic healing modalities such as Chakra Balancing, Meditation techniques, Shamanic Studies and Soul Rescue, The Reconnection and is the creator of 5th Dimensional Healing© in 2012.  She is naturally gifted with the abilities to see and hear the Angels.  In addition she is sentient which has served her well when working with clients.

Marjorie is a critical care registered nurse with her primary experiences in cardiac intensive care. Being a nurse opened up doors that otherwise may not have been as easily accessible.  Marjorie was invited to work with a gastroenterologist in Atlanta seeing patients in his office.   Working with this type of client Marjorie quickly learned that the Physical body is far more easily healed than the Emotional body. She also found that the Emotional body is capable of dealing with much more stress then the Physical body.  She realized, in order to help some clients release their physical manifestation of illness, she needed to address the Spiritual and Emotional bodies.  Spiritual mentoring became an important part for healing modalities. When developing 5th Dimensional Healing©, Marjorie realized the importance of cord cutting, imprint removal, energy influences and soul retrieval in the healing of the Emotional Body.

Marjorie went on to study Feng Shui for 4 years at the power Feng Shui Academy of Santa Fe and graduated as a Feng Shui Master.  Marjorie found that by incorporating the concepts of Feng Shui with that of holistic healing modalities she was better able to serve her clients.  She has studied with a variety of Western and Peruvian shamans.  After years of seeing 100s of clients at her Natural Healing Center she discovered that working with nature was often a fundamental part of the healing process.

Marjorie is also the author ofEnergy Enlightenment – do you know the way home? and the Energy Enlightenment Workbook.  She is currently working on her next book which will be her true life stories of talking with, hearing and seeing Angels, communicating with animals, stories of Soul Rescue and Soul Retrievals, working with 9/11 victims and incredible healing stories with 5th Dimensional Healing©, Reiki, the ReConnection, Imprint and Attachment Removals and many more exciting and extraordinary stories.