5th Dimensional Healing

5th Dimensional Healing©

New Earth – New Energy – New Healing

As we move closer and more completely into the 5th Dimension our healing needs take a somewhat different direction.

The physical body, although important as our mode of transportation while on the Earth plane, will start to take the proverbial ‘back seat’ to the emergence and nurturing of our inherent Spiritual abilities.

As we continue to move into the 5th Dimension vibration latent abilities will start to emerge. You will experience your intuitive skills becoming stronger and clearer. Your natural clairvoyant, clairaudient or sentient skills will be more apparent and the haze of the 3rd and 4th Dimensional vibrations will begin to lift.

As your abilities emerge or strengthen so does your drive for greater Spiritual awareness. This is were 5th Dimensional Healing© can be a wonderful asset.

5th Dimensional Healing© focuses primarily on the Emotional Body as it is the Emotional Body that works with the Spiritual Body to achieve Awakening leading to full Enlightenment. The Emotional Body can develop road blocks, that impede your desired progression toward Spiritual Enlightenment, due to old wounds or attachments created while in the lower vibrations of the 3rd and 4th Dimensions. These road blocks are better known as Imprints, Energetic Cords, Loss of Soul Fragments and Attachments.

Throughout your life you have experiences that can potentially leave an Imprint on your Emotional Body.  Although it is likely you will remember some of these impactful experiences there will be some you simply will not recall.  And it isn’t important if you remember them or not.  What is more important is the effect these experiences now have on your life.  An Imprint can be expressed as anxiety, phobias, fears, depression and a host of other emotional expressions all of which create obstacles you must maneuver around in order to continue on your path to Spiritual Enlightenment.

Energetic Cords are just that.  They are an energetic link between you and usually another individual. Sometimes the cord can be attached to an event.  The link can then serve as an anchor or as a path way for loss of energy leaving you feeling drained, confused or experience difficulty focusing.

The third aspect of 5th Dimensional Healing pertains to Soul Retrieval.  Sometimes, when working with an individual I discover the reason for their confusion, fear, lack of clarity or a host of other issues is actually related to the loss of a Soul Fragment.  When you experience a traumatic event it is possible that a small part of ‘you’, known as a Soul Fragment, stays attached to the event.  This can happen at birth, childhood or in your adult years.  In 5th Dimensional Healing, the Soul Fragment is located and rejoined with the rest of the soul that moved on.  This is a very important concept to understand because if you are not ‘whole’ it is difficult to utilize all of your skills and abilities to their fullest.  You can see examples of this concept in individuals who feel like they are ‘stuck’ or have the feeling something is missing or just ‘not right’..

The forth aspect of 5th Dimensional Healing deals with Attachment or Influencer Removal.  Unlike Energetic Cords where an attachment is created between two individuals, an Attachment is the actual joining of one energy to another. Some examples of Attachments would be Deceased Loved Ones, Thought Bodies, Elementals or Nature Spirits.  When an individual has an Attachment they usually ‘take on’ some trait of the attachment.  Examples of this would be unusual feelings of anger, depression that has no known origin, feelings of fear or dread with no known cause.

Any one or combination of these four aspects can impact your ability to smoothly follow your path toward Spiritual Enlightenment.  With all the chaos in the world, it is more important to stay focused and present than ever before.  By removing any Imprints, Cutting Cords, having Soul Retrieval or Attachment removal you help release your Emotional Body of blocks and free yourself to enjoy your Spiritual path with more joy, ease and clarity.

May your journey be filled with an abundance of joy and happiness!

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