Do you know the way ‘home’?

by Marjorie Hilliard

In the article, It’s About Time, I posted on June 7, 2013 I spoke about the illusion of time and how it influences our perceptions thereby affecting our emotions and actions.  

Time ⥤ Creates Illusion of Space ⥤ Translates to Distance ⥤ Implies Separation

I told about the experiences I had as a result of both my parents dying seven years ago and the sadness which turned into loneliness and finally into a longing to return ‘home’.  The concept of ‘home’ can be quite confusing. I am not speaking of the home we occupy on the Earth plane but the home that resides within each and everyone of us; our true energetic vibration, our existence as Spirit.  Some refer to this as the Soul, or Higher Self.  Call it what you like but, regardless of the title you choose to assign to your energetic vibration, the definition does not change.  You are not the physical body.  You are the intelligence housed within the physical body.  You are the intelligence that thinks and speaks.  You are the intelligence that is an energetic component of the Universe.  The physical body is nothing without your presence.  Do you know the way home is simply another way of asking ‘do you know how to experience life through the wisdom of your Spirit?’  I wrote extensively about this concept in my book, published in 2006 titled, Energy Enlightenment – Do you know the way home?  Gary Renard, a best selling author had this to say about my book:  “Marjorie Hilliard does a fantastic job of examining negative thoughts and the ego-consciousness and then using approaches such as talking to your Angels and Meditation to help facilitate the undoing of the false you and revealing the real you, which is Spirit.  I highly recommend this enlightening book.”  So, do you know your way ‘home’?

It is my Spirit that experiences the longing to return ‘home’.  For to return ‘home’ means to find that inner joy, the clarity and peace that only my Spirit offers.  To return ‘home’ refers to gaining the memory of my true identify.  It refers to living through the thoughts and perceptions of my Spirit rather than my human mind or as I refer to it in my book, the ego-consciousness.  The ego-consciousness is weak compared to the strength and wisdom of my true self, my Spirit presence.  It can easily fall prey to the external influences it comes in contact with.  The ego-consciousness has no memories of it’s own. There is nothing from which it can draw support.  The ego-consciousness draws its perceptions and reactions based on my emotions and current life experiences.  Finding your way ‘home’ involves your Spirit being the primary driver of your perceptions and actions.

Even as I sit here and share these thoughts with you, the reader, I gain a better understanding that as a Lightworker I represent the connection between my physical existence and that of the Spiritual (Energetic) true self.  I am therefore influencing my very existence on many realities.  What I experience in this dimension is also experienced in the others that I exist in and visa versa.  It can only be this way because there is actually nothing that separates any parts of me from me.

This brings me back to the earlier statement I made about time.  Time creates the illusion of space which then translates to distance which implies separation from Spirit which is my center.  I now realize the desire to return ‘home’ is more about finding my center.  The point to which all returns.  The Angels tell me we pulsate in and out.  It is very much like breathing in and out.  They say it is when we are pulsating ‘out’ that we can feel the illusion of separation the most if we hold the belief of the existence of time.  

As my energy pulses out and back in again many ‘years’ of earth existence can pass.  Time becomes less of an influence as I once again pulse back to center reducing the sense of distance and space between me and my source (center).  It is like breathing in and out.  Breathing in allows me to take in that which surrounds me making me feel whole and complete.  While breathing out sends my existence and awareness out into what I am a part of, touching other existences, other influences, other realities and for a moment ‘in time’ I become more tightly aware of these existences and forget who I am as I take on the realities of multiple others.  

We are all sentient.  Some more than others.  When teaching students how to deal with being sentient I always remind them to ask one simple and profound question when working  with a client and taking on their energy:  Is this my energy or theirs?  Most of the time there is an instant realization that the energy was never really theirs but the perception of the energy within another.  This realization removes the influence of the external energy immediately.  Maybe this question should be asked of our daily human existence.  “Is this emotional experience truly mine or one that I am experiencing from the energies around me”  Maybe balance can be restored once I awaken to what is truly mine and what is not.  By gaining this understanding maybe it would be possible to expand out further and touch more and offer my own influences to other existences.  It occurs to me that my very existence in this human body can be better explained and understood with the realization and awakening that my role is to influence rather than be influenced.  As I pulsate out further and further I am extending my core not moving away from it.  The further I pulsate out the stronger I become as I pave the way with my own energy, terminating any energies that are weakening and becoming lower vibrations.  It becomes clear now that by stepping outside the illusion of time I can offer the gift of awakening.  I can resist the illusion time creates of separation and share the gift of joy experienced when one is complete.  It is in the awareness that separation does not and can not exist that feelings of loneliness, sadness, fear, rejection etc. can cease to exist and be replaced with the ability to experience true joy.  It is what allows me to return ‘home’.



Gary Renard is the author of Disappearance of the Universe, Your Immortal Reality and Love Has Forgotten No One – The Answer to Life