Messages from Mesonia – There is True Happiness

– Marjorie Hilliard, 5th Dimensional Practitioner

(This is an excerpt from a book I am currently writing and hope to have available mid 2013.)

Mesonia is the name of my Spirit or Higher Self.  It is the name Archangel Michael used when communicating with me around ten years ago. Since that time, I have learned how to channel this energy called Mesonia.  Below, I share with you one of the channelings I had the pleasure to experience with Mesonia.

…………………”There are words which must be spoken, healing words that penetrate the hearts and souls of every individual.  Gazing out into the vast universe I realize it is difficult to comprehend the vastness you observe.  I tell you, do not focus on that which surrounds you.  It is neither real or relevant.  It is the universe that exists inside you that holds the only truth there can be.  It is time to heal the false suggestion you are small and insignificant in an unimaginable mysterious Universe.

How can the hearts and souls of this plane be healed?

It is not a matter of a physical healing.  Too much emphasis is placed on the physical, external manifestations.  If a flower is wilting do you not provide the nutrients it needs so that it can regenerate itself?  The inner core is what must be healed so that the exterior appearance represents the true health within.

The hearts and souls you speak of yearn, at their inner most core, to be free of the harsh, negative stifling emotions that hold a firm grip on them.  There is a way to walk away and let go but mere words can not achieve this.  Words without emotion stand stagnant.  It is the emotion that fuels the words and brings into manifestation that which begins as a thought and develops into your understanding of reality.  You are a creator on many levels.  You create the world around you through your thoughts and associated emotions.  You are the only one who is experiencing your world for the energy of this creation flows from within you.  It is impossible for there to be two identical worlds in your supposed reality.  Yes, there can be similarities but never exact duplications.  This would only be possible if two or more individuals experience every minute aspect of life exactly the same.  This would not be possible in the world created through thought and emotion.

Snow flakes are beautiful, elegant individual parts representing the energy called water.  No two snow flakes are identical yet they are born of the exact same energy source.  Is it so difficult to have the realization that you are born from the energy of God the Universe?  Consider that everything you experience in your world at some point in its life line, returns to its original energy state.  It does not matter if it is a tree, a bird, or you.  It returns to its source so that it can be realized in a new state.  Flowers re-grow, water evaporates and eventually returns to earth as rain or snow.

The world you experience today is not the world you have experienced before.  This is not possible as your thoughts and emotions have been developed through this life’s’ experiences and therefore making it impossible to view this life the same way as before.  It does not matter who you were before or who you may be in the future.  Time is but an illusion and therefore of no importance.  What is important is know you create the world around you through your perceptions and beliefs.  Did you know that you can change your world instantly simply by changing your perceptions?” …………………………………