Do you know the way ‘home’?

by Marjorie Hilliard

In the article, It’s About Time, I posted on June 7, 2013 I spoke about the illusion of time and how it influences our perceptions thereby affecting our emotions and actions.  

Time ⥤ Creates Illusion of Space ⥤ Translates to Distance ⥤ Implies Separation

I told about the experiences I had as a result of both my parents dying seven years ago and the sadness which turned into loneliness and finally into a longing to return ‘home’.  The concept of ‘home’ can be quite confusing. I am not speaking of the home we occupy on the Earth plane but the home that resides within each and everyone of us; our true energetic vibration, our existence as Spirit.  Some refer to this as the Soul, or Higher Self.  Call it what you like but, regardless of the title you choose to assign to your energetic vibration, the definition does not change.  You are not the physical body.  You are the intelligence housed within the physical body.  You are the intelligence that thinks and speaks.  You are the intelligence that is an energetic component of the Universe.  The physical body is nothing without your presence.  Do you know the way home is simply another way of asking ‘do you know how to experience life through the wisdom of your Spirit?’  I wrote extensively about this concept in my book, published in 2006 titled, Energy Enlightenment – Do you know the way home?  Gary Renard, a best selling author had this to say about my book:  “Marjorie Hilliard does a fantastic job of examining negative thoughts and the ego-consciousness and then using approaches such as talking to your Angels and Meditation to help facilitate the undoing of the false you and revealing the real you, which is Spirit.  I highly recommend this enlightening book.”  So, do you know your way ‘home’?

It is my Spirit that experiences the longing to return ‘home’.  For to return ‘home’ means to find that inner joy, the clarity and peace that only my Spirit offers.  To return ‘home’ refers to gaining the memory of my true identify.  It refers to living through the thoughts and perceptions of my Spirit rather than my human mind or as I refer to it in my book, the ego-consciousness.  The ego-consciousness is weak compared to the strength and wisdom of my true self, my Spirit presence.  It can easily fall prey to the external influences it comes in contact with.  The ego-consciousness has no memories of it’s own. There is nothing from which it can draw support.  The ego-consciousness draws its perceptions and reactions based on my emotions and current life experiences.  Finding your way ‘home’ involves your Spirit being the primary driver of your perceptions and actions.

Even as I sit here and share these thoughts with you, the reader, I gain a better understanding that as a Lightworker I represent the connection between my physical existence and that of the Spiritual (Energetic) true self.  I am therefore influencing my very existence on many realities.  What I experience in this dimension is also experienced in the others that I exist in and visa versa.  It can only be this way because there is actually nothing that separates any parts of me from me.

This brings me back to the earlier statement I made about time.  Time creates the illusion of space which then translates to distance which implies separation from Spirit which is my center.  I now realize the desire to return ‘home’ is more about finding my center.  The point to which all returns.  The Angels tell me we pulsate in and out.  It is very much like breathing in and out.  They say it is when we are pulsating ‘out’ that we can feel the illusion of separation the most if we hold the belief of the existence of time.  

As my energy pulses out and back in again many ‘years’ of earth existence can pass.  Time becomes less of an influence as I once again pulse back to center reducing the sense of distance and space between me and my source (center).  It is like breathing in and out.  Breathing in allows me to take in that which surrounds me making me feel whole and complete.  While breathing out sends my existence and awareness out into what I am a part of, touching other existences, other influences, other realities and for a moment ‘in time’ I become more tightly aware of these existences and forget who I am as I take on the realities of multiple others.  

We are all sentient.  Some more than others.  When teaching students how to deal with being sentient I always remind them to ask one simple and profound question when working  with a client and taking on their energy:  Is this my energy or theirs?  Most of the time there is an instant realization that the energy was never really theirs but the perception of the energy within another.  This realization removes the influence of the external energy immediately.  Maybe this question should be asked of our daily human existence.  “Is this emotional experience truly mine or one that I am experiencing from the energies around me”  Maybe balance can be restored once I awaken to what is truly mine and what is not.  By gaining this understanding maybe it would be possible to expand out further and touch more and offer my own influences to other existences.  It occurs to me that my very existence in this human body can be better explained and understood with the realization and awakening that my role is to influence rather than be influenced.  As I pulsate out further and further I am extending my core not moving away from it.  The further I pulsate out the stronger I become as I pave the way with my own energy, terminating any energies that are weakening and becoming lower vibrations.  It becomes clear now that by stepping outside the illusion of time I can offer the gift of awakening.  I can resist the illusion time creates of separation and share the gift of joy experienced when one is complete.  It is in the awareness that separation does not and can not exist that feelings of loneliness, sadness, fear, rejection etc. can cease to exist and be replaced with the ability to experience true joy.  It is what allows me to return ‘home’.



Gary Renard is the author of Disappearance of the Universe, Your Immortal Reality and Love Has Forgotten No One – The Answer to Life


Talking to My Angels

(excerpt from Energy Enlightenment.  Do you know the way home?  Chapter Six – Talking to My Angels, pages 97 – 104)

……I remember a particular guided meditation in which I was walking down a path and up to a large gate. In my meditation, the path was located in what looked like a very old, small and quaint village. The buildings were made of stone and the path was a dirt road traveling through the center of town. It was always warm and sunny and people stood around watching me walk down the dusty dirt path to a set of gigantic metal gates.

Door Handle

It was suggested in the meditation that I visualize myself jumping up to grab the door lock so that I could unlock the gate and enter the garden beyond. Each time I would see myself jumping as high as I could but not reaching the lock. This is where the meditation would end. I was stuck. It was an interesting meditation and one would wonder why I would follow a suggestion which never led to a successful conclusion. My only answer is that there was something about it that I did not see as a failure. And my inner guidance suggested I stay with it.

About the third or fourth time I walked this path, Jesus approached me and suggested that I expand my being and simply walk over the gate. Well, that wasn’t an idea I had thought of. I suppose my Angels were waiting to see if I would figure it out for myself, and when I didn’t they came forward to offer help.

Jesus has been my friend and mentor for years, and it was wonderful when His vibration came forward in this case to help me out. That was my first experience in playing with expansion of my being. It was delightful and very helpful! Thank you, Jesus! In another instance of using this same guided meditation, I was about to approach the gates and prepare to expand, and Jesus approached me again and asked whether I was curious as to what was on either side of the gate. Well, that question had never occurred to me. For a brief moment I laughed at how maybe I wasn’t the brightest bulb in the pack. I thought about His question and followed as He directed me to the right side of the gate. To my surprise, the gates were simply an illusion that anything was blocking my path. What I saw to the right of the gates was another path that led around them with no difficulty. Once again, thank you, Jesus, for showing me the way.

I believe the purpose for my staying with the meditation was to recognize that the gates were an illusion. The gates simply represented the limitations I place on myself, and symbolized how easy it is to ignore the possibilities that are always available……….

Meditation is one of my favorite ways to talk with my Angels.  It often allows me an opportunity to satisfy the human need for visual confirmation while having a conversation with my Angels.  Most of the time, the conversation is unspoken which really removes a huge barrier that can be present when communicating with words.  Our spoken language is quite limited in capturing all the nuances of emotion and meaning.  When communicating with my Angels, I am better able to “feel” the messages as well as “hear” it in my mind.

Besides meditation, there are many ways to receive messages and guidance from Angels.  Sometimes you can actually hear a voice, other times it may be an inner voice, a knowing, a visual clue or a synchronicity.  I also find that my Angels will talk to me through books and, of course, in my dreams.

One thing I have found to be certain is that no matter what form divine messages and guidance are received in, those messages are always loving and make me feel good.  I completely trust my Angels and know they are here to guide me. They nurture and support me and would never say or suggest anything that is not loving and kind.  Admittedly I don’t always like what the Angels are saying, because the message may require me to take action or something I may not want to act upon.  For instance, my Angels recently suggested I avoid caffeine which means chocolate, my favorite food of all time.  The caffeine was clouding my ability to communicate with them…………………..

In contrast, when Ego Consciousness is speaking, I may often feel nervous, anxious, fearful, or judgmental.  The bottom line is, Angels don’t conceive of limitations or failure. They only know success, happiness, and joy. There is no competition or rivalry between them. Their goal is to support and guide. My Angels have never suggested I do anything that would harm me or others in any way. They are practical, firm, and can be quite funny……..

My Angels showed how they can be firm yet funny when my husband and I were returning our rental car when we were vacationing overseas. We had a choice of returning the car to the train station, which was downtown and close the hotel we would be staying in, or to the Rome airport. Everyone we knew had advised us against driving downtown in Rome, saying it was difficult and confusing. But, in spite of this advice, our preference was to go downtown to the train station, since it would mean a short 10 minute cab ride back to our hotel as opposed to a 45 minute ride back from the airport.

It was raining very heavily and driving was difficult. We decided to ask the Angels to stop the rain long enough for us to get to the airport car rental agency safely. Well, it DID stop raining. However, my husband and I started getting braver about driving in downtown Rome and just as we started to discuss changing our destination to the train station it immediately started to rain again. We both laughed and said, “okay, we will go to the airport as planned.” The rain stopped immediately and we arrived at the airport car rental agency safely. No sooner had we arrived than it began raining heavily again and stayed that way for most of the evening. Later we found out for ourselves just how difficult it would have been to attempt driving in downtown Rome. Going to the airport was a much better experience, certainly safer, and without question was the course recommended by our Angels!………

In the Beginning

(excerpt from Energy Enlightenment – Do you know the way home?  by Marjorie Hilliard, 2006, pg. 13-17)

………I spent the first forty-plus years of my life with a persistent feeling something just wasn’t right. I was sure I had forgotten something but just couldn’t quite figure out what it was.  Since you are reading this book it is very likely you know exactly what I am talking about.  It is kind of like going on a trip and wondering if you left the iron on, or if you remembered to turn off the sprinkler in the garden. We have all had that type of feeling: you know something is wrong but you just can’t quite put your finger on it.  I knew it was important for me to remember.  My joy depended on it somehow.  It was this kind of persistent feeling that urged me into the first phase of awakening: realization that there is more to my life than what I had been experiencing.  I wasn’t sure exactly what awakening meant at the time.  But I knew I wanted to find out.

One of the first things I found out is there are other ways to perceive my life.  It is like the burning building story.  If you place four different people at different corners of a burning building, you will get four different stories of how the building burned–which means we all have the ability to see our lives from various points of view.  This means we have choices.  The two different points of view I would like to discuss concern our Ego Consciousness and our Higher Consciousness.

Our Ego Consciousness consists of our human beliefs and perceptions as derived through a series of filters.  These filters include human emotions and attitudes.  It is our judgmental side.  When we observe our world through our Ego Consciousness, we judge things to be good or bad, safe or harmful, prosperous or poor.  I think you get the picture.  Our Ego Consciousness deals in duality.  For every positive there is a negative.  Beliefs and thoughts that originate from our Ego Consciousness tend to be fearful, negative, judgmental, critical, and so forth.  There is a statement in A Course in Miracles (Foundation for Inner Peace, 1975, p. 136) that talks about what it is like to perceive and experience our world through the Ego Consciousness:

Grace is the natural state of every Son of God.  When he is not in a state of grace, he is out of his natural environment and does not function well. 

Everything he does becomes a strain, because he was not created for the environment that he has made.  He therefore cannot adapt to it, nor can

he adapt it to him.  There is no point in trying.  A Son of God is happy only when he knows he is with God.  That is the only environment in which

he will not experience strain, because that is where he belongs.  It is also the only environment that is worthy of him, because his own worth is

beyond anything he can make.

As with anything, there are a number of ways one can interpret this saying.  My interpretation is that each of us creates our world through our Ego Consciousness perceptions and then we wonder why we’re so unhappy.  We try to fit into our world and we try to make our world fit us but neither way has a satisfactory outcome.  I believe in order to find true joy we need to perceive and experience our world through our Higher Consciousness.

When we see the world or ourselves through our Ego Consciousness we are unable to clearly see the absolute joy and beauty surrounding us. I like to visualize the Ego Consciousness as the seed pod that contains the beautiful creation within.  It has a purpose, but if the seed within never breaks through this barrier it will never experience its own beauty nor the absolute joy that exists in the world around it.

Higher Consciousness is a term used to describe your spiritual side.  It is another way of expressing the state of being you achieve when you view life through a higher connection to the Universe.  When you experience life through a higher connection, you become more aware of the abundant joy and beauty that already exists.  One way to experience this concept is through nature.  Nature knows no boundaries or lack of wealth.  It is non-judgmental, unlimited in abundance, and constantly expressing beauty.  Another good way to understand this concept better is to ask yourself a simple question; “How would God see or view this?”

The difference between the Ego Consciousness and the Higher Consciousness is this: duality does not exist in Higher Consciousness.  In your Higher Consciousness you are not creating your world as you do when living life through your Ego Consciousness.  You do not need to judge things as good or bad, safe or harmful, prosperous or poor.  You are simply removing your outer shell and observing the world that already is.

I decided, and am now convinced, the way home was through seeing and experiencing my world through my Higher Consciousness.  My task was to find a way to move out of fear-based thoughts and beliefs and into my Higher Consciousness.  This proved to be a very difficult task…………….

Messages from Mesonia – There is True Happiness

– Marjorie Hilliard, 5th Dimensional Practitioner

(This is an excerpt from a book I am currently writing and hope to have available mid 2013.)

Mesonia is the name of my Spirit or Higher Self.  It is the name Archangel Michael used when communicating with me around ten years ago. Since that time, I have learned how to channel this energy called Mesonia.  Below, I share with you one of the channelings I had the pleasure to experience with Mesonia.

…………………”There are words which must be spoken, healing words that penetrate the hearts and souls of every individual.  Gazing out into the vast universe I realize it is difficult to comprehend the vastness you observe.  I tell you, do not focus on that which surrounds you.  It is neither real or relevant.  It is the universe that exists inside you that holds the only truth there can be.  It is time to heal the false suggestion you are small and insignificant in an unimaginable mysterious Universe.

How can the hearts and souls of this plane be healed?

It is not a matter of a physical healing.  Too much emphasis is placed on the physical, external manifestations.  If a flower is wilting do you not provide the nutrients it needs so that it can regenerate itself?  The inner core is what must be healed so that the exterior appearance represents the true health within.

The hearts and souls you speak of yearn, at their inner most core, to be free of the harsh, negative stifling emotions that hold a firm grip on them.  There is a way to walk away and let go but mere words can not achieve this.  Words without emotion stand stagnant.  It is the emotion that fuels the words and brings into manifestation that which begins as a thought and develops into your understanding of reality.  You are a creator on many levels.  You create the world around you through your thoughts and associated emotions.  You are the only one who is experiencing your world for the energy of this creation flows from within you.  It is impossible for there to be two identical worlds in your supposed reality.  Yes, there can be similarities but never exact duplications.  This would only be possible if two or more individuals experience every minute aspect of life exactly the same.  This would not be possible in the world created through thought and emotion.

Snow flakes are beautiful, elegant individual parts representing the energy called water.  No two snow flakes are identical yet they are born of the exact same energy source.  Is it so difficult to have the realization that you are born from the energy of God the Universe?  Consider that everything you experience in your world at some point in its life line, returns to its original energy state.  It does not matter if it is a tree, a bird, or you.  It returns to its source so that it can be realized in a new state.  Flowers re-grow, water evaporates and eventually returns to earth as rain or snow.

The world you experience today is not the world you have experienced before.  This is not possible as your thoughts and emotions have been developed through this life’s’ experiences and therefore making it impossible to view this life the same way as before.  It does not matter who you were before or who you may be in the future.  Time is but an illusion and therefore of no importance.  What is important is know you create the world around you through your perceptions and beliefs.  Did you know that you can change your world instantly simply by changing your perceptions?” …………………………………