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5th Dimensional Healing©

5th Dimensional Healing is a healing modality designed and taught by me.  It is a combination of 5th uniquely different healing techniques:

  1. Chakra Balancing
  2. Imprint Removal
  3. Energetic Cord Cutting
  4. Soul Fragment Retrieval
  5. Removal of Influences

Some or all of the techniques can be used in a single healing.  Each session is tailored to your individual healing needs.  There is no set time for a session, however, most sessions last 45 minutes to an hour.  It is ideal to work with you in person, but long distance sessions are equally as effective.

Cost:  $175

(Full payment is required before appointment date and time.)

Intuitive Readings with Mesonia

I learned my Spirit vibrational name from Arch Angel Michael.  He referred to me as Mesonia when responding to a question during an automatic writing.  At that time I did not know Mesonia.  It wasn’t long before the Angels were also calling me Mesonia during meditations and healing sessions.  One day it dawned on me that I was Mesonia and the name represented my Spiritual vibration.  (better said….this is what my Spiritual vibration sounded like when using language).

During an Intuitive Reading I invoke Mesonia to hold the highest vibration possible for me.  She (I am) is direct, confident and nurturing.

Intuitive Readings can be done in person or long distance.  Both are equally effective.

Cost:  Winter is a time of reflection by going within and planning for the arrival of Spring (new beginnings).  Therefore, I have reduced my fees for the months of February and March to assist you in looking for your answers and direction as you prepare for the next phase of your journey.

30 minutes          $100

60 minutes          $160

(Full payment is required before appointment date and time.)