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Marjorie Hilliard, Founder

5th Dimensional Healing© Practitioner Teacher

New Healing Needs for 5th Dimensional Being

As we move closer and more completely into the 5th Dimension our healing needs take a somewhat different direction.

The physical body, although important as our mode of transportation while on the Earth plane, will start to take the proverbial ‘back seat’ to the emergence and nurturing of our inherent Spiritual abilities and the desire to remove ‘road’ blocks.

As we continue to move into the 5th Dimension vibration latent abilities will start to emerge. You will experience your intuitive skills becoming stronger and clearer.  Your natural clairvoyant, clairaudient or sentient skills will be more apparent and the haze of the 3rd and 4th Dimensional vibrations will begin to lift.

As your abilities emerge or strengthen so does your drive for greater Spiritual awareness.  5th Dimensional Healing© is designed for the 5th Dimensional Being.  It utilizes the natural abilities within the 5th Dimensional Being to remove blocks and to heal it self.

Lets look at the difference between the 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensional Being.

The 3rd Dimensional Being went through 4 steps in order to manifest its intentions:  1980’s concepts

Idea → Intention→ Emotion → Effort → Manifestation

The 4th Dimensional Being had to use 3 steps in order to manifest its intentions:  Law of Attraction concepts

Idea→ Intention → Emotion → Manifestation

The 5th Dimensional Being only needs 2 steps in order to manifest its intentions: Current concepts

Idea→ Intention→ Manifestation

It is by utilizing the power of the 5th Dimensional Beings’ ability to manifest that

5th Dimensional Healing© is so unique and successful.

As you go through life’s experiences, regardless of what dimension you are in, wounds can be created that may surface and create ‘road blocks’ to your progress. These ‘road

blocks’ are known as Markers, Pathways, Loss of Soul Fragments and Influencers.

Throughout your life you have experiences that can potentially leave a Marker.  This Marker may stay dormant for years and suddenly become activated.  An activated Marker can express as anxiety, phobias, fears, depression and a host of other emotional challenges.

Pathways are another type of ‘road block’.  They are an energetic link between you and usually another individual. Although sometimes the cord can be attached to an event or situation. The link can then serve as an anchor or as a pathway for loss of energy leaving you feeling drained, confused or experience difficulty focusing.

Sometimes, when working with an individual I discover the reason for their confusion, fear or lack of clarity is actually related to the loss of a Soul Fragment.  When you experience a traumatic event it is possible that a small part of ‘you’, known as a Soul Fragment, stays attached to the event.  This can happen at birth, childhood or in your adult years.  Utilizing the concepts of 5th Dimensional Healing©, the Soul Fragment is located and rejoined with the rest of the soul.  This is a very important concept to understand because if you are not ‘whole’ it is difficult to utilize all of your skills and abilities to their fullest.  You can see examples of this concept in individuals who feel like they are ‘stuck’ or have the feeling something is missing or just ‘not right’.

Unlike Pathways where a link is created between two individuals, an Influencer is the actual joining of one energy to another. Common examples of Influencers would be Deceased Loved Ones or Thought Bodies. It is possible for an individual to have something within their energy field that ‘influences’ some of their thoughts and behaviors. Unusual feelings of anger, sudden depression, feelings of fear or dread with no known cause or having difficulty making decisions are some examples of the type of complaints I hear from indiviudals who have an Influencer.

5th Dimensional Healing© is the newest, innovative approach to addressing the healing needs of the 5th Dimensional Being.  Understanding that each individual has different healing needs the 5th Dimensional Healing© Practitioner goes through extensive Level I and II training to learn how to recognize and implement the appropriate healing needs of their client.

For more information about the 5th Dimensional Healing© Practitioner training or to

request a healing session please e-mail Marjorie Hilliard at marjoriehilliard@sbcglobal.net.

by Marjorie Hilliard, Founder

5th Dimensional Healing© Practitioner