Why we can’t easily remember past life experiences

Have you ever questioned why memories of past lives are difficult to retrieve? I know I certainly have.  While past life regression is a wonderful tool, to access your past life memories, it still does not answer the question why we don’t easily remember.   Throughout my Spiritual growth I have heard a variety of ideas as to why we do not have full memory of past life experiences.  Probably the most popular reason I have heard is that we would not have the Spiritual growth if we had these memories.  I have even repeated this thought to my students.  It seemed to be the most logical explanation.  But, admittedly this explanation never felt quite complete.  Who and how are my past life memories being blocked?  Who decides which memories are blocked or taken away?  Wouldn’t it make more sense for me to remember important aspects of previous life experiences so I could make different decisions in this life time?  Why the game of ‘see if you can guess when you reach a similar point in your current life’?  Who decides if I made the ‘wrong’ decision and need to repeat an experience? These are only a sample of the many questions I have.

A few days ago, I was listening to some quiet music and out of the blue, I started to receive information about the lack of memory regarding past life experiences.  Let me see if I can share the wisdom my Angels provided on this topic as beautifully as they shared it with me.  Here is the quote from my Angels.

“It is difficult to understand or believe we are with you because your physical body, physical location has no memories from which to draw from.  You have been taught that you forget because your memory is blocked when you move into the physical.  This is not true.  You have difficulty remembering or understanding because you are so naturally greatly influenced by the presence of the human body which has no memories.  Awakening is the path to remembering because through awakening your Spirit, you, are less influenced by the human mind and experience your life with ‘some’ influence of your Spirit and all its’ memories and knowledge.”

The Angels tell me it is not true we lose our memories so we can grow and experience the current life.  They said nothing is ever taken away or blocked from any of us.  All our memories, experiences, wisdom stays with us from life to life.  In our purest form, referred to as Spirit, we retain all our memories of past life experiences.  So, if all our memories are intact within our Spirit then I go back to the question of why is it so difficult to remember?  Why would we want to start all over each life time and struggle with why we are here, or what are we trying to accomplish?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to ‘continue’ to grow and develop where we left off in the previous life?  Or maybe, with memory of experiences we allow ourselves to make different choices.  What I heard from my Angels is that our memories are not blocked by anyone but ourselves.  It is through the human filters, emotions, perceptions and beliefs we block our own  memories.  Maybe not intentionally but at least this explains a few things to me.  First of all, there is no one interfering with my growth and development by blocking my memories.  The choices I make are purely mine.  Second of all, by understanding my memories are fully intact, as a part of my Spirit, I can access them as I desire. Thirdly, with the clarity the Angels provided about memory it makes even more sense why we seek Awakening.

What does Awakening really mean to you?  To me, it means to awaken our Spirit, our Self, so that we CAN remember who we really are and the path we wish to continue to follow.  Awakening means to lessen the influence of the human emotions, perceptions and beliefs and allow our Spirit to better experience and perceive life.  By becoming more aware of our Spirit identity we have more access to our previous lives and can bring forth the knowledge and wisdom of these experiences into our current life.

I had never really thought about the human filters as the reason why my past life memories are blocked. When I think about it, I realize when I am in meditation I am freed from some of the human filters.  It is through meditation that my mind is quieted allowing my Spirit, my true Self, to become more prominent.  I used to think while in meditation my vibration raises which allowed me to better communicate with my Angels but even as I write these words I can hear my Angels chuckling as the realization dawns on me that I can always hear my Angels, chatting away, whether I am engaged in meditation or buying groceries.  So, it is not only in activities that quiet my busy mind, like meditation that I am able to access my Angels and my memories but I can actually accomplish this by Awakening my Spirit as well.

Looking back at previous lives shows me the choices I made and maybe even helps me better understand why I chose a particular existence.  But what it doesn’t do is define who I am now.  My body holds no memories.  I hold my own memories.  My various physical bodies allowed me to have the experiences I chose while I continued to be the same energy, the same Spirit, regardless of which body I chose to continue my journey.

The Angels say each life has its own significance, some more influential than others.  As they try to explain the complexity of our Spirit, the energy we are composed of, I find it difficult to comprehend the meaning or even the purpose of the various life experiences.  As energy, why take a physical existence at all?  There is so much I don’t understand.  The Angels assure me to fully understand our existence and the complexity of our reality there is much that still needs to be experienced.  To attempt to explain it at this stage of our existence would be akin to trying to explain quantum physics to a 2 year old.  I suppose another way of saying that is we don’t have enough knowledge and understanding to comprehend ALL there is to know.

So, with this little bit of clarity I hope you are able to continue your journey with a better understanding of how much the  filters of your human existence influences your perspective.  Look for those moments of peace and cherish the quiet times for this is when you are able to discover and truly remember who you are.  Everything you have ever experienced, learned and the wisdom you gained is right there inside you.  Its’ time to awaken your self, your Spirit.  Access your memories by accessing your Spirit and see life through a whole different perspective.