Feng Shui Solutions Today Blog

Happy Saturday.  I had an opportunity to row around the canals in Crystal River in a dinghy today.  Problem was I experienced a great deal of fear stepping into a small dinghy from a floating dock.  Wish I could tell you why but I’m at a loss why there was fear experienced.  This gave me an idea about what to talk about today with my Feng Shui Blog.  FEAR. There are lots of ways to address fears using Feng Shui principals.  I have decided to talk about the middle of the Bagua.  If you need to look at the Bagua you will find one you can copy from my FengShuiSolutions.org web site.  This area of the Bagua is referred to as the #5, Health and Clarity.  This area of the Bagua is associated with the Earth Element.  Meaning browns, dark oranges, squares and pictures depicting desert scenes are good to use in this area to increase your stability and sense of security. Establishing security is only one step.  It is important to understand why you feel insecurity but this requires a great deal more reflection and more then I can address in my daily blog.