Feng Shui Ideas for the Small Business Entrepreneurs

– Marjorie Hilliard, Feng Shui Master

With today’s economy starting or operating your own business must certainly be a challenge.  I owned my dream Gift Shop when we experienced the tragedy of 9/11.  My shop was set up using Feng Shui principles and was quite successful in under two years.  My customers frequently commented on how the shop ‘felt’ and confessed they would come in just to be in the energy.  It was the day after 9/11 and I was in the back storage room when an elderly man cleared his throatsmall business to let me know he was standing in the door way so as not to frighten me.  When I asked him what I could do for him he simply said, “I needed to be in this energy.  How do you do it?”  Throughout the weeks that followed many customers would come in for the same reason.  As a gift shop owner this was not only good for business but also made me feel like I was somehow contributing to the wellbeing of my customers.

You can use Feng Shui in your business to create the type of atmosphere you desire for your employees and customers.  If the energy flow around your employees is balanced and can move freely you are far more likely to have productive and happy employees.  I find that businesses I have consulted with that have blocked doors and clutter that interrupts the flow of energy (chi) attracts the same type of individuals.  Because the energy is tense and blocked the employees get frustrated more easily, are less productive and in many cases don’t work well together.

You can apply the same reasoning to your customers.  If your business is uncomfortable to enter or stay in your customers are likely to feel the same way.  How many times have you gone into a store that is so over stocked or cluttered you feel like you have to maneuver carefully around the store so as to avoid knocking something over or miss finding the item you went into the store to buy.  More is not better in Feng Shui.  The rule is:  allow the energy to flow freely.

Stores with inventory:

Make sure to arrange your merchandise so it makes sense energetically.  Think about your home furnishings.  For example, do you mix kitchen items with garage stuff, or clothing with bathroom accessories?  Go to my webpage, www.fengshuisolutions.org and download a copy of the Bagua.  Use the Bagua as a road map.  By using the Bagua you will see it is not a good idea to put sharp tools, water features, refrigerators etc. in the back left corner known as the Prosperity Gua.  Instead, this is an excellent area to display floral print furniture, red/white and blue flags, pictures of people or animals, packets of seeds, red scarfs etc.  These are all fire or wood elements which support this area of the Bagua.

Make sure the entrance into your store is free of clutter, easy to enter, welcoming and above all does not make the customer feel uncomfortable.  Make sure the flow of energy moves freely.  I always think of the flow of chi like the flow of a stream.  Picture how a stream flows and how the rocks and tree limbs cause the flow to be re-directed. Or how the piling up of fall leaves can even stop the flow.  You should use this same thought process when accessing how the energy is flowing throughout your store.


Whether customers visit your office or not does make any difference in how you want the energy (chi) to flow.  As I talked about earlier, your employees now become your ‘customers’.  Your employees are the ones performing services that you benefit from.  Really no different from customers buying your goods benefiting you.  Some things you should consider:

  1. Make sure your personal office is arranged in the ‘power’ position.  What this means is you want to be able to see who is entering your office without having to turn around.  Energetically, to be in charge, you need to be able to ‘see’ what is coming.  No surprises.  If possible, have your desk situated so you are sitting facing the door.
  2. I find employees who use cubicles can perform better if they do not feel vulnerable.  This means, they to need to be in the power position.  When using cubicles this can be a challenge.  Although I don’t like to recommend mirrors too often, in this case a small reflective picture frame (glass) or mirror placed in front of the employee would allow them the ability to look into the mirror to see what is happening behind them.  They will feel safer and therefore hopefully more productive.
  3. Avoid putting the break room in the Prosperity corner or Illumination area of the Bagua.  The best place to put the break room is in the family/health area.  And never place the refrigerator/freezer in the Prosperity corner of any room.  If you do not have any other option then at least place pictures or statements that represent how the Prosperity of your business looks and feels to you in the same area of the refrigerator.  Refrigerators are electrical which is a fire element but they are mostly associated with metal.  Fire and metal are not good companions.  The Prosperity area of the Bagua is most associated with the Fire Element which represents excitement.  Do not use a black refrigerator in this area.  Black is water so a black refrigerator represents lots of metal AND water.  Not a good combination for this area of the Bagua either.

Keep in mind, the items you choose and the placement select is NOT CAUSING your challenges.  They ONLY represent them.  With this understanding then consider the recommendations I have provided in this article and know that following any of my recommendations requires you to feel comfortable using them.  If you are not comfortable with the selection or placement of something (pictures, furniture etc.) you will eventually rearrange the furniture back to something you feel better with until the cause of whatever challenge you are dealing with is addressed.


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