The Ego-Consciousness

(excerpt  from Energy Enlightenment – Do you know the way home, pages 51 – 58)

One afternoon I was working in my garden and all of a sudden these words started to pour into my head: 

What if Adam and Eve aren’t about the beginning of our existence?  What if Adam and Eve represent an alternate phase of existence, a time when the spiritual aspect was separate from the intellectual aspect of existence?  As divine beings who perfectly combined intellect and spirit, they lived in love, peace and perfect balance. In an effort to explore and experience mankind’s intellectual aspect, the being was separated into two—spiritual and intellectual. After experiencing life through the intellectual aspect, emotions such as fear and anger were realized. This resulted in an imbalanced and alone state of being. This imbalance and resulting negative emotions were uncomfortable and a desire to return to a loving, peaceful, perfect balanced aspect was felt.  So began our journey back home.

We attempted to regain the spiritual aspect by using our divine ability to manifest and we started to create material things which we thought would comfort us, help us to find our spiritual side. We thought the material things worked but found they were only illusions which could fade away as quickly as we manifested them so we manifested more and more always in an attempt to bring us back to love and happiness. After awhile we began to forget why we were creating material things and started to focus on gaining power through material gain.

What I learned from these words was that we made a conscious decision to live through our physical senses. I believe we simply have forgotten that we are also Divine, the essence of God, and it is now that part of us calling, asking to be a part of our lives again. It is the yearning we feel in the pit of our stomachs. We have surrendered to living and experiencing our lives through the physical body’s limited senses. I like to refer to the experience of living our lives through the limitations of our senses as the Ego Consciousness. When we are in our Ego Consciousness we are dependent on one or more of the five human senses to tell us what we are experiencing. This is very valuable in our growth and expansion but it becomes a huge danger if we fail to recognize our senses as tools and nothing more. When we are unaware, or when we simply allow our senses to dictate our experiences and perceptions, we are not able to see the truth. When we are unable to see the truth, a conflict occurs. This conflict results in judgments which lead to anger and fear. The anger and fear fuel our emotional senses and the circle is complete; the Ego Consciousness is no longer a tool but the dominate force within our lives. Don Miguel Ruiz has a wonderful passage in his book, The Voice of Knowledge (2004, pg.18-19), where he quotes his grandfather as saying, 

“You know, most people around the world believe that there is a great conflict in the universe, a conflict between good and evil.  Well, this is not true. It’s true that there is a conflict, but the conflict only exists in the human mind, not in the universe. It’s not true for the plants or the animals. It’s not true for the stars or the trees, or for the rest of nature. It’s only true for humans. And the conflict in the human mind is not really between good and evil. The real conflict in our mind is between the truth and what is not the truth, between the truth and lies. Good and evil are just the result of that conflict. The result of believing in the truth is goodness, love, happiness. When you live your life in truth, you feel good, and your life is wonderful. The result of believing in lies and defending those lies creates what you call evil; it creates fanaticism. Believing in lies creates all of the injustice, all of the violence and abuse, all of the suffering, not only in society but also in the individual. The universe is as simple as it is or it is not, but humans complicate everything.”

We have never really separated from God, it just feels that way when we choose to experience and perceive our lives through the Ego Consciousness. Our Higher Consciousness is still present within us. It just isn’t utilized as much as the Ego Consciousness. 

I have often been asked to explain how to know when you are thinking and experiencing life through the Ego Consciousness. The answer is simple, but truly living it is not. How can you tell whether you are living through your Ego Consciousness?  Ask yourself, “Is this how God would experience this?”  If you are having negative emotions and are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, scared, sad, or jealous, you are thinking and experiencing your life through Ego Consciousness. It is important to remember we are human and therefore will switch back and forth between the Ego Consciousness and Higher Consciousness. Just be aware and don’t beat yourself up or judge someone else if you see the Ego Consciousness taking the dominant role. 

There is a wonderful book written by Gary Renard called The Disappearance of the Universe that talks in great detail about life and death and where our true reality exists. Gary talks about our life and death as if it were a revolving door. As I read his book, I could picture myself sitting in a very comfortable, overstuffed chair with a large ottoman for my feet. In my lap is a big bowl of buttery popcorn and a huge plasma screen TV perched on the wall. The movie playing details the stories of my lives. I sit there watching each of my lives wondering when I am going to “get” that I never really separated from God. It is all an illusion. However, it is this current life where I throw up my hands and say, “Alright, I have had enough … show me the way home.”  It is a rather interesting perspective on the meaning of our lives and contains many clues to Energy Enlightenment. A quote from the book is:

“…you don’t have to change anybody’s mind and you don’t have to change your world. All you have to do is change your mind about the world…..”

-The Disappearance of the Universe written by Gary R. Renard, 2002, pg. 174

I think this is a really profound statement. It made me realize that if I stopped running around trying to change the world and simply focused just on me, the world WOULD change. I perceive the world as I experience it through my senses and not as it is through God. What if everybody took the personal responsibility to change only them self?  How incredible the shift would be. We strive to bring about peace and harmony yet haven’t realized it within ourselves. We expect others to give us what they do not own. It is not possible to give what you do not know you have. I cannot demand peace and happiness in others, but I can deliver it to myself. And by doing so I make a positive contribution to the world energy as a whole. My inner peace has to come BEFORE the outer peace can be achieved. An interesting paradigm shift. It is all about perspective, and I want to share God’s perspective. 

When I experience life through my five human senses, my Ego Consciousness, I see the world as limited. There is only so much money, food, power, happiness etc. to go around. I struggle for power and need others to see things the way I do for fear of being wrong. I found out that being controlled or controlling someone is nothing more than an illusion. As a Spiritual Being, I am the only one who can control what I think and how I feel. Once I completely understand this there will be no need to control anyone. I will become so at peace that the need to control anything in the world around me will become unnecessary………