Part 3 – Developing the Recipe

feng shui dragon pic

Class 3 – Developing the Recipe

Now that you have learned about the elements and how to read them, the proper placement and use of the Bagua for land, buildings, homes and rooms you are ready to put it all together.  In this class you will given a variety of case studies to evaluate and develop a Recipe.  The Recipe is the most vital part of a Feng Shui Consultation.  It is the step by step instructions designed to provide a pathway for your client(s) to create the changes they desire in order to achieve their goals.
The Recipe is a thoughtful selection of the steps necessary to build the foundation for which your client can build.  The proper Recipe slowly and methodically goes from one step to the next allowing your client the time necessary to become comfortable with the changes in energy each step is creating.
In Class 1 and 2 you were introduced to how the Bagua can be balanced.  Now you will learn how to balance the Bagua based on your client’s needs.  There is no one size ‘that fits’ all.  It is up to the Feng Shui Practitioner to determine what will best support the needs of their client.
Please bring one floor plan from a home you currently live in or one from your past.  We will be sharing these plans with each other and have fun figuring out who the floor plan belongs to and offer some insights and possibly even recommendations to address issues observed.  Please do not write on the floor plan.  In Part 4  you will be bringing in more floor plans of homes you have lived in or currently live in to work on in class.
I will provide rules and calculators.  Please bring in colored pencils or pens, tracing paper and your booklets from previous classes.


Feng Shui is an ancient art, originating in China over 3000 years ago, based on the balance of nature and how we individually attempt to create that same balance within our own lives.  Everything we surround ourselves with physically, such as the clothing we choose to wear, the furniture design and placement in our homes and offices, the colors, pictures,  knick knacks etc. all represent what is within ourselves.

By gaining an understanding of why you make the choices you do and what they are saying about you the healing process can begin.  It is never as simple as changing the color of your room or moving a chair to another location or possibly hanging a crystal in the middle of your home.  The reason is quite simple:  it is NOT the color or the chair or even the crystal that is responsible for the imbalance:  it is imbalance within that is being reflected into the physical therefore the healing can only take place from within.  Feng Shui is about understanding what your surroundings say about you and your desire and willingness to change.




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