Level II – 5th Dimensional Healing© Practitioner Training – TBD

copy-blue-swirls.jpgLevel II 5th Dimensional Healing training is a 3 day intensive program.  This is the second part of your training in being certified as a 5th Dimensional Healing Practitioner enabling you to offer the full array of healing techniques that make up this incredible, latest approach to addressing the healing needs of the new 5th Dimensional Being.  5th Dimensional Healing uses the higher vibrations of the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions. This level of healing addresses the Emotional Body which influences how the Physical Body reacts.  No longer is the focus on balancing the Physical Body to facilitate healing.  Now the focus is on the Emotional Body which requires a higher vibrational approach. 

In the 3 day workshop you will learn the final 2 techniques used in 5th Dimensional Healing in:

          1. How to recognize if your client requires a Soul Retrieval
          2. How to explain what causes the need for a Soul Retrieval
          3. How to explain the benefits your client will receive from a Soul Retrieval
          4. The steps you will take and your clients role in the Soul Retrieval
          5. How to do a Shamanic Journey
          6. How to navigate the 3 Worlds of the Shamanic Journey

            1. Upper World – Angels, Ascended Masters, Archangels
            2. Middle World – Mother Earth
            3. Lower World – Animal Kingdom and Natural Spirits
          7. How to identify and work with your Guardians and those of your client
          8. How to identify and work with your Power Animals and those of your client 
          9. How to perform a Soul Retrieval for your client or with your client
          10. How to approach and work with Soul Fragments
          11. How to determine the presence of an Influencer
          12. How to identify what type of Influencer you are working with
          13. Different techniques and tools used to removal various types of Influencers
          14. How to explain your clients role in the Influencer removal

This is an intensive 3 day workshop.  One that will leave you feeling empowered and confident in your abilities as a new 5th Dimensional Healing© Practitioner.



  • Conscious Living Center
  • 5904 Vaughn Road
  • Canton, GA 

Dates: TBD

Cost:  $375 (Receive a $25 discount if paid in full 1 week before class begins) 

Pre-requisite for this workshop:  5th Dimensional Healing Level I Certification




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