Marjorie Offers Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring is a time of renewal.  It is a time when all the dormant ideas and desires planted in the winter now ‘spring’ to life.  

Like anything, a room must be prepared for the new ideas and desires to be ‘planted’ and nurtured.  Spring is the perfect time to make that room by releasing those old clothes you haven’t worn in over 24 months, the chairs piled high with boxes that serve another purpose other than why they were built.   

blue front doorSpring is a time to open all your doors and windows to allow the fresh, new, rejuvenating spring air into your home.  But none of this can be accomplished if you hold on to ‘old’ ideas with the thought that ‘one day I will do something with that item’.  

Because you won’t.  

If you haven’t worn the shirt hanging in your closet for over 24 months it isn’t likely you are going to ever again.  All the items we have in our home, car, garage, office and yard represent something beyond the obvious.  For example, an old dress, hanging in your closet, now two sizes too small just isn’t an old dress, it also can represent your need to hang onto old ideas and desires.  However, releasing the dress can represent your intention to bring new ideas and desires into your life.  By releasing the dress you have now made room for that to occur.  

A word of caution to all you over doers out there….spring cleaning can be a massive move of energy.  I recommend you strategize and move as slowly as you can.  

For example, pick a room to focus on and when finished take a break for a couple of days before starting your next project.  Approach spring cleaning much like you would getting ready to paint a wall.  First you have to prepare the wall; dust off the cob webs, fill in the nail holes, tape around the door and window frames etc.  All this has to be done before you paint on the new color.  Spring cleaning should be approached much the same way.  Take your time and think about what you are clearing or preparing to change in your life.   What are you letting go?  Don’t be afraid to reflect on how you felt when you finally released something you had been holding onto.  Must people say they feel a sense of relief, a weight has been lifted and in many cases a sense of more clarity in their thoughts.  Here are a few guidelines I can offer for spring cleaning:
1.  Go slowly – do one room or project at a time
2.  If you begin to feel tired or overwhelmed – STOP – take a break.  Go out to lunch, enjoy sitting outside amongst the trees, take a nap or simply give yourself permission to take a couple of days off.  
3.  Stay focused on what it is you want to accomplish.  What are you releasing and why are you releasing it?  Keep your new ideas and desires in mind as you make room for them.
Also, spring cleaning is not a legal requirement so don’t treat it like it is.  You can choose how, when, what and the timing you desire when approaching your spring cleaning task.  Take time to consider why you have chosen to spring clean and what you have chosen to release, replace or repair.  Spring cleaning is a wonderful time to take charge of your new ideas and desires and actively participate in making them grow.  Remember, you can’t plant a new garden if you don’t remove the old plants and weeds first.

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Feng Shui is an ancient art, originating in China over 3000 years ago, based on the balance of nature and how we individually attempt to create that same balance within our own lives.  Everything we surround ourselves with physically, such as the clothing we choose to wear, the furniture design and placement in our homes and offices, the colors, pictures,  knick knacks etc. all represent what is within ourselves.  

About Marjorie Hilliard:

Marjorie Hilliard, RN 
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Bachelors in Business Administration
Founder of the 5th Dimensional Healing© method of energy healing
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