Feng Shui for Financial Prosperity

feng shui dragon picHave you ever thought about getting a “financial fresh start?” While it may not be possible to start from scratch, there are some things you can do to add some health to your wealth, and Feng Shui is involved.

Contrary to a popular thought about Feng Shui, the items or placement of furniture has no influence on your prosperity. It is the selection and placement of those items and furniture that reflect your current financial situation. If I were to look at the prosperity section of the Bagua for my client, and saw a garbage can and a broken clock sitting on a painted dark blue wood side table it would be painfully obvious this client is likely experiencing financial challenges. Let me break this picture down so you can understand what each of the items mentioned could mean:

  • The garbage can may be saying “my financial prosperity is in the trash”
  • The broken clock indicates “my financial prosperity isn’t working”
  • The painted dark blue wood table represents the wood element which supports the fire element associated with the prosperity area of the Bagua. However, because the table is painted a dark blue and the color dark blue is considered a water element, the fire has difficulty staying ignited therefore indicating even if there was good prosperity, for this client, it is likely they have challenges keeping the prosperity going.

The items, above, are not causing the lack of prosperity, they REFLECT it. So, what can you do to improve your prosperity? Here are a few suggestions.

  1. The drains, in your kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, bathtub, shower and commodes are areas where the chi (energy) can ‘drain’ out of your home. It is a good idea to keep the lids of the commodes down and the drains closed.
  2. In Western Feng Shui we don’t use the four directions for orientation or placement of objects. Instead, we use the Bagua in its’ purest form. The nine squares. Orientation of the Bagua is essential and more than I can talk about in a brief article such as this. However, I can give you some help in finding the Prosperity corner of your home. Look at the picture of the Bagua. You will see that the Prosperity corner is in the upper left corner of the square. Now go stand at the true front door of your home. As you are standing on the threshold, looking into your home, the furthest left corner in the back of your home should be the Prosperity corner. Remember, this is a gross generalization for the location of the Prosperity corner as many other factors come into play. However, it will at least give you a general idea where to look. Things to consider;
  1. What room(s) of the house are located here?
  2. Is this room(s) functional?Feng Shui Bagua copy.001
  3. Is the room(s) organized and well cared for?
  4. Do you like this room(s)?
  1. Consider the answer(s) to the previous questions. Anything you don’t like, FIX IT!

The prosperity corner is a great place to have inspirational pictures, a few fire elements such as the colors red or purple, lamps that work, pictures of people or animals. Avoid pictures of water, water fountains, lots of dark blues or black colored furniture or objects. Fire is made by burning wood and this area of the Bagua is most associated with the Fire element. So, add some Wood by using wood furniture, dark green or floral fabrics, and pictures of flowers or actual flowers. I highly recommend a heathy plant or cut flowers. You don’t want to use a plant or flowers that requires lots of care or maintenance. The reason is you don’t want your financial prosperity to require lots of care or maintenance so don’t put that energy out there.

There is a rule I always share with my students as clients;

“If the cake recipe calls for one cup of sugar, adding three cups will not make your cake better. You will not get the results you are looking for.”

Don’t overdo. More is not better. Just like nature you want things to be balanced. Not too much of one element and not enough of another. Think of what happens when we have heavy down pours, the excess water erodes the dirt (earth element). Let this be your guideline as you explore how you can get a “financial fresh start”.

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